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Jul 15, 2006

Dragon Eats Knight: Art Contest

Updated: Deadline has been extended by 2 weeks to September 15th, 2006.

Dragons and Knights have surfaced as a universal incarnation of good versus evil in nearly every culture.  Calling All Artisans - Explore fantasy, myth, and pop culture to portray this epic struggle between the brave and the behemoth.

Go Hero, The House of Fun, and Vinyl Pulse will select 5 winning entries to be shown at the release party of YIRA: Dragon of Doom, the latest collectable vinyl kaiju from Go Hero, due out shortly.  Once the 5 winning entries have been announced, online voting on Vinyl Pulse will determine the grand prize winner.   All 5 winning entries will receive prizes and the grand prize winner will receive an autographed “one of a kind” YIRA! 

Dragon Eats Knight Contest Rules

  • Hand Painted and Digital Canvases.
  • Size limitations 2’ x 2’
  • 2D Only
  • To enter email digital images (JPEG preferred) of the piece  to Vinyl Pulse ([email protected])
  • Open to ages 15 and older
  • Content should be rated E for everyone!
  • All work must include the following information: Name of Piece, Dimensions, Artist Name, Type (acrylic, oil, pencil on canvas, paper etc.)
  • Go Hero, House of Fun and Vinyl Pulse will select 5 favorites as the 5 winning entries.
  • Grand prize winner will be chosen from the 5 winning entries by online voting at Vinyl Pulse.
  • Deadline : September 15th.

September 19th - 5 winning entries will be announced on Vinyl Pulse.
Setember 22nd - Online voting to determine grand prize winner starts (ends on September 28th)
September 29th - Grand prize winner will be announced and the pieces will be shown at the Yira Release Party at the House of Fun (date tba).

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There's a size maximum... wonder if there's any minimum (referring more to digital entries)? If it's done in vector art, no problem, but if its done like an 800x600 72dpi raster pic, it's not gonna print well in any size bigger than a card. Also, no mention of multiple entries =) Cool contest tho!

confused on the size spec, is that 2 inches by 2 inches?!?!
Also emails are being bounced back from the supplied address.

2'= 2 feet; fixed the mail address..it works now. Thanks!! For digital entries, the resolution should be high enough for it to look good when printed.

Hey there. I need an excuse to draw some dragons and this looks like a perfect fit. It doesn't mention if you can enter a whole bunch of times. Can you enter a whole bunch of times? Is it a "more the merrier" kind of thing?

Let's see, umm, I've got a painting of a dragon that 'ate' a knight. Is that okay? No, seriously... He's pretty chubby in the belly department. Really, I'll send it to you guys if you don't believe me.

Chubby belly is good...especially for a big dragon!

Some really great art is underway! Keep it coming!

does the dragon HAVE to be eating the knight...or can the knight win in some way too

I Have the same question as go hero, can the dragon do something else, a frame before he eats the knight or something?

can the knight be eathing the dragon as well - as an m.c.escher -esque/dog-eating its own tail sort of motif?

The dragon does NOT have to be eating the knight... think of it more as dragon vs. knight - a classic instance of "evil" vs. "good".

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