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Jul 25, 2006

Kaching Brands @ SDCC Part 2

Toby HK, Tim Tsui, Joe Ledbetter and Mizna Wada @ Kaching Brands Booth

Newcomer Kaching Brands / Level 5 made its public debut at this year's SDCC.  We ran a brief teaser about this exciting new company and now we're back to try and summarize the numerous events and wide array of toys on display at their booth.   Many people kept asking "who are these guys", but the company let their artists and toys speak for themselves. There always seemed to be a crowd around the 2 story booth which often had live DJ's spinning tunes.  While the swanky booth made the first impression, the artists and toys were the true draw   Kaching Brands hosted siginings from several artists including Mizna Wada, Colorblok, TobyHK, Buffmonster, MAD, Sket, Joe Ledbetter, Tim Tsui and Arnie Kim.

Kaching Brands brought two asian legends -- Tim Tsui and Arnie Kim to the US for their first ever SDCC appearances.  The Tim Tsui x Kaching Brands GID SDCC exclusive Bling and Penny definitely got people's attention as did the up close and personal look at Arnie Kim's amazing 1:6 scale Game of Death Bruce Lee figure which will be released in the fall from Enterbay and be distributed exclusive by Eight Eight 8 in the US and Canada.

Kaching Brands used the 'con to release their first figures including  the SDCC exclusive FLCL Canti, Toby's Dumb Dummies figures including the TobyHK figure  and the dog mini-figs, plus the Mizna Lens Lollipop Girl and Hachoo Monkey.   And last but certainly not least of the toys available for sale was the DIY edition of the FourCube designed by TobyHK.  This large figure has a cube for a head (with cones on the sides) and a cute little torso and arms.  The FourCube was a hit of the show with many fans buying it to have artists doodle on as a cool souvenir.  The price was right too -- around $25.

While that's an impressive set of initial releases, the sheer number of prototypes for upcoming figures shows perhaps an even stronger coming fall lineup. The japanese streetwear inspired Hokoten Harajuku series includes a total of 26 stylish and sassy characters relesed in four series of 6 figures each plus 2 special chase figures. From street fashion to street art --   there were three MOTUG products including Horsellington by EWOK, the NYC LASE figure designed by  NYC LASE and Tristan Eaton, and an impressive wall-hanging vinyl by LASE.   Another graff artist, Scarecrow, had two trippy perspective-based vinyl pieces -- think Happy Times meets graff tagger. These have one exaggerated arm/spray can on the right (front) and a much smaller arm on th left for a nice visual effect.

An early  prototype of Colorblok's (Juliana Pedemonte) Mono was shown -- this large quirky figure will turn heads when released.  Moving right along, Cameron Tiede's protos for four figures of a new large line were shown.  It's great to see Cameron finally break in with his own vinyl.   

While we had seen many of these figures prior to the show, the Nice Bunnies took us by surprise.  These are fairly tall and have a block-like construction.  There are three figures -- Samurai, Tagger and DJ.  We'll definitely keep a watch on these for you. 

Finally, Vin Teng's General Guan Yu from the upcoming Chinese Legends series was on display.  This large (14 inches or so?) piece is stunning in the detail -- a very different look for vinyl.

Kaching Brands is set to become a major player in the designer toy industry with an increasing number of high-quality limited-edition vinyl figures from an ever-expanding artist roster.

Kaching Brands -- 36" T-28's on guard


DIY Four Cube display / DJ Station


Juliana (Colorblok) and Gary Baseman

Miguel of Barracuda with his custom Rody

Nice Bunny Series

Nice Bunny Samurai

Nice Bunny Tagger

Nice Bunny DJ

By Erick Scarecrow

NYC Lase fig

Hokoten Harajuku


Tim Tsui's Apes in the House

GID Bling and Penny - SDCC Exclusives

Cameron Tiede's Protos


Guan Yu by Vin Teng




Wall-hanging vinyl by NYC Lase

Decks: Mizna Lens, Tim Tsui, Colorblok, T-28, and MAD


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Mizna Wada Mizna Lens Lollipop Girl and Hachoo Monkey are very cool, more pics of these please.


Killer LASE figure.

Wow, it is like all that is mediocre in toys under one roof. WOW. This is the first nail in the coffin.
Let me expand on this. This is toys for ravers not toys for adults. Sorry. Will stop posting here. I am now sad (insert upsidedown happyface here.)

Finally, this is art that makes a statement not a neutered design run through by a committee concerned about sales and demographics.

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