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Jul 23, 2006

Look at what you are missing!?!?!


Keith(Toy Qube), Mad, Kim (Three Zero), SEEN, Tristan, Sket One, Brook

Here are some images from my private collection of SDCC photos I thought I would share with you. There are lots more where these came from, some suitable for viewing, some NOT so suitable "cough".....I will upload more as the days go by...in the mean time...here ya go, enjoy!!!!

Darren (Play Imaginative) and Elizabeth Ito

Gary Baseman, T9G and Japanese Friends

Raymond and Gary

Simone Legno (Tokidoki)

Lucky Owner

Customize FourCube

Slick and Shaolin Monk

Sold FLCL Canti Figures

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Simone Legno and his freaky ass objectification of asian women have to go.

Word. I remember growing up in the Midwest, white boys would jokingly ask about my slanted genitals. This whole asian fetish bullshit is just another continuation of that racist crap. Stop fucking hollering at me with that bullshit and go home and whack off to your porn because you can't handle a real asian woman.

Man, I have got to make it to SDCC next year, it looks like pure awesome.

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