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Jul 26, 2006

minigods part 8

marka27 and MG1 Brazil

The prototype for the MG1 Brazil minigod was unveiled for the first time over the weekend at the DKE Toys SDCC booth.  This was the first time marka27 or anyone outside of NPT had seen a  realized 3D version of the figure.  I'm quite impressed with the sculpt -- it's very detailed and has a good sense of presence both in terms of appearance and stature (14" or so).  People seemed to be quite pleased with the figure. They  were much more impressed with the prototype than the drawings and 3D renderings.  The leap from conceptual to tangible is a big one.   For instance, the sketches and renderings really gave no indication of scale.  Many remarked that it was a much larger figure than they had anticipated.

This initial prototype will be revised until marka27 is happy with it.  In other development news, the next step in the quest for a speaker is to test various models  enclosed in the prototype to test actual sound quality.  Check back with us in two weeks (August 9th) for the latest pics + news on the development of the minigods.

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Wow that's starting to look ace!

That toy looked sweet!!

Great job Marka!

That looks really great! I wasn't too excited from the 3d renderings, but now the real thing is much more exciting. I can't wait to see the progress!

Whoaaaa!!!! This toy is just amazing!!!! It was already good looking on sketches...Now in real sculpting...it's just the bomb!!

Nice job Marka!

That is looking very nice.. I doubt I'll be able to afford it though. :-)


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