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Jul 28, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 3

Monster5’s rough rendition of Muttpop’s Red Demon sculpt was complete. Unlike the previous sculpts for El Panda and Tequila, all of the crucial elements of the Red Demon figure were there in this earliest rendering of the figure.  After three projects, he seems to have internalized the Muttpop style.

These rough sculpts carry the high quality work we've come to expect from Monster5. That said, Bill's drawings of the Luchadores 5's turf are worth waiting each week for in their own right -- smart and humorous. 
Check back next week for the first round of revisions to Monster5’s Red
Demon sculpt and some more of Bill’s artwork.

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Wow! That pose is awesome. He's got a real good sense of weight. Monster5 is quite the sauce! And I love Bill's drawings. Awesome detail. I now need to find large sacks of money so's I can purchase the demon!

Awesome! I love it!

he's the coolest cat on the block... and that's a block cool block to be cool on.

I eagerly anticipate a Luchadores 5's Turf themed computer game à la GTA style.

That artwork is dope... from thumb size, it looks like 3D work! The lighting is phenomenal... and oh, of course Red Demon is fantabulous too!

Man, I don't think my desk will be able to handle so much badassery that this piece gives off. It looks fantastic.

I am contemplating opening up 3DS Max and modeling the entire bit of East Los Angeles shown so far.

Thanks. Monster 5 continues to amaze us! I was a bit concerned that Monster5 would have a difficult time finding the appropriate balance with this figure. Forunately, all my worrying was for nothing! Even with the heavily arched stance Monster5 was able to find an excellent sense of balance that translated wonderfully to the production pieces.

Thank you.

Lucha5 GTA-style would be amazing. I'll be waiting with you! :-)

I never noticed the 3D-modelled like rendering of the work! Very true! Wow. We are SO LUCKY to be working with such phenomenal artists. It's RIDICULOUS what Bill is able to do with his pencil work.

Thank you! Modelled versions of Bill's East Los Angeles would rock HARD.

-Muttpop Bob

I'm warming up to Red Demon, I have to say. At first, I was a little turned off by this guy since he is pretty different from El Panda & Tequila, but after taking a closer look, this toy is PIMP and still retains the rad muttpop vibe.

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