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Jul 19, 2006

Thunderdog's 50 Mutt Riot @ SDCC

Just in... 50 Mutt Riot from Thunderdog Studios -- 50 customized Thundermutts with a polished AK-47 round under the lid.  Love having the numbering front and center -- people will be jockeying for their fave for sure!  These puppies exude craftsmanship from the hand-painted Tmutts to the beautiful hand-sprayed wood box and the engraved bullet.  Thunderdog continues to impress.   These will be available @ SDCC.

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FIRE Brother FIRE.:)
You are going to rock the show.LOL



very fresh!

i love them!

How does a person that lives the other side of the pond get me hands on such a legendary toy???


I'm shocked! they're GEMS!

How to get some?
I'm going mad!!!!!!!!

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