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Jul 06, 2006

TWEEQIM's SUGWALA MONDLiPO Custom for SUG 503 (07.08.2006)

Here's TWEEQIM's SUGWALA MONDLiPO custom done for the SUG 503 custom show opening this Saturday at Compound Gallery in Portland.  This tribal warrior combines two SUGs, 30 resin cast tinpos, and animal bones as well.  TWEEQIM's back to claim their place in the pantheon of elite customizers ;)

The SUG 503 show will feature customs from over 30 top-notch artists doing innovative, unspeakable, and just cool things to Unklbrand's dope and quirky SUG figure. So if you're in Portland, drop by Compound this Saturday starting at 7PM to check out the many faces of SUG.

Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland,  OR 97209

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It was a blast!

That thing is just off the wall! So GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Back with a vengence!

All those poor dead Tinpos!

That's awesome- I want to see some real pics.

Brilliant! Frigan Brilliant!

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