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Jul 11, 2006

Wonderwall @ TTF

Just got back from TTF.  We still have tons of coverage to put up in the next day or so ;-)  While Wonderwall didn't have a booth at TTF they displayed a large number of Touma's current and upcoming toys at the Monster Taipei booth.  Monster Taipei organzied TTF and is one of the premiere retailers in Taiwan. 

A large number of Goons were on display including a white (TTF pseudo-exclusive?) retro goon, and a nice Orange-Brown yoyamart exclusive retro goon and of course the TTF exclusive edition.   Mixed in with the production pieces, there were three hand-painted Goons which were part of the TTF auction on the last day.  We're huge fans of the Retro Goon and the Yoyamart edition is quite nice.  Speaking of retro goon, this seems to be a continuation of the body 'mod' approach to breathing new life into an existing toy -- we're likely to see more and more of this (mostly in the form of new heads ?). 

Several other Touma pieces were on display (mostly released) including the ever-popular capsule KB's, Boobies, and more. Touma's brand new Magman Kaiju piece was there as well.  Mixed in with the existing pieces were some sweet new ones!  Such as the new 6-inch Knucklebear which  made an appearance in a black partially-flocked version! Partial flocking is a nice effect.  I'm curious to see how far flocking can be pushed... Is it possible to do multiple color flocking in the same region?

Flocked KB is sweet for sure, but the clear shocker were the two Touma plushes.  Both a plush Snout and a plush Knuckle Bear were on display.  We believe these will be production items (will double check and update). 

Touma was everywhere at TTF with multiple signings and multiple booths spanning Play Imaginative, Monster Taipei and One Up.  Keep it tuned to VP for a look at the PI and One Up offerings.

Flocked Knuckle Bear

Plush Knuckle Bear


Plush Snout




Yoyamart Retro Goon

TTF Exclusive Retro Goon


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Touma is a great sculptor. Diggin' the plush snout much better than the vinyl one.

Yup, I'll be keeping my eye on a few of these new goodies. :D

so... if i tell all those product not sculpt by him. what you will be said?

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