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Aug 14, 2006

Angels and Gringos - Chapter 4

The Angels and Gringos crew (Daniel and Johnny Monahan) have been as giddy as schoolgirls with the opportunity to unveil the first photos of Sancho's prototype and with the great response from folks. Finally, Sancho is out of the bag and other people can see and share in the excitement Daniel and Johnny have had to keep to themselves.

While designing the figure, they wanted to make the toy as interactive as possible while still maintaining the continuity of form and richness of lines found in pieces with limited points of articulation.  As a result, they decided that Sancho should be able to be removed from the Ostrich, but where to put Sancho when off the Ostrich became a fundamental concern.  The consensus was that a third piece needed to be included but shouldn't be an ordinary stand, and thus toro was born.  Toro is a saddle with horns a la a mechanical bull on which Sancho can be displayed while removed from his companion.  Sancho will also include a hat and sarape to preserve his guapo when desired and can be outfitted with a mandolin.  As you can see from the photos, the balanced design allows for sturdy toy placement with no secondary support systems needed.

As cool as Sancho looks in matte gray,  we will be excited to bring you the planned color schemes in the next posting two weeks from today (08.28.06)








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I really dig this sculpt.

It's soooo RAD! I love the style of this fig.. Deatils!

This is a very sweet piece. I will look out for this for sure.;)

premium work. I love the quality!

Wow! The details are so clean. Can't wait to see him all colored up.

wow these are looking very cool. cant wait to see them in colour

Also the new picture lightboxes are great. makes looking at the pictures so easy now.


Just wanted to answer a few questions that we have received. We are planning on a run-size of about 1000 units and we will begin pre-ordering in the coming months. As for the price, we are still waiting for the final pricing on the manufacturing. A common misconception about Vinyl toys is that the manufacturing costs are greatly related to the size of the piece. The truth is, the complexity of the piece and number of molds required to make the piece be realized is what drives the price. The set of Sancho and the ostrich with the variety of materials required to make the piece (a combination of PVC, vinyl, and metal to correctly ballance the piece) and the tail of the ostrich requires three interlocking molds alone. That being said, you can expect this set to be among the higher priced figures.

Looking real good! Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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