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Sep 30, 2006

Bwana Spoons - Edward the Gator Color Proto

As we mentioned awhile back, Bwana Spoons' Edward the Gator character is set to make the jump to vinyl with an upcoming figure from Max Toy Company.  The figure is moving along nicely; the factory has just recently completed a color prototype of Edward.  Here are two nice stunning shots of the latest prototype taken by Bwana Spoons himself.  Note that the shoulder bag is not shown in these pics -- we hope to have the fully-decked out gator on Vinyl Pulse shortly.   Things are looking up for Bwana's fans, first the long-awaited Steven the Bat vinyl made its painted production debut at SDCC and now Edward the Gator is inching ever closer ;-)

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Edward is looking great, thanks Bwana!

That is what this designer toy thing is ALL about!!!!
nice nice nice
with a nice bit of super niceness on it!!!!


One beautiful piece!

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