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Sep 24, 2006

Double Dutch - 10" Custom Trexi Show (10.05.06)

Double Dutch, a 10-inch custom Trexi Tour showcasing Dutch artists and designers, opens on October 5th at  Outland Records in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and then travels to 3 other venues in the country.  Thanks to Trexi Nederlands, the show organizers, we have sneak peeks of pieces by Erwin Weber (based on his Series 1 Trexi), Sjors Trimbach,  and Collin van der Sluijs.   Double Dutch will be on display through the end of '06 so if you live in the Netherlands, don't miss this rare opportunity.   

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lol that 3" trexi on the 10" black trexi is sooo wrong...

The Sjors Trimbach piece...Work of genius. Ha ha haaaaaa. Very good.

thanx folks!

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