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Sep 20, 2006

Dragon Eats Knight: Top 5 + All Entries

Over the last two days, the contest judges: Steve Forde (Go Hero), Chris Consalvi (House of Fun) and Jack (Vinyl Pulse), have been agonizing over the 37 submissions to Dragon Eats Knight trying to come up with the 'top 5' winners.   We finally have chosen the 5 winners :-) The grand prize winner will be chosen from this group of 5.  How?  By you?  Vote in the poll below for your favorite.  Voting will continue until   Wednesday, September 27th @ 8 PM PST.   

The grand prize winner will receive a one-of-a-kind version of Go Hero's latest vinyl figure -- Yira: Dragon of Doom.  Each of the top 5 will receive a copy of Kaijuice (2 CDs of over 33 tracks of monster-rocking-city-wrecking music, from all over the world!) and will be on display at the upcoming Yira Release Party at The House Of Fun.  We want to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the contest.  We were blown away by the quality and variety.   Here are the top 5 winners (listed in random order) :

[29] Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Jose Alejandro Ovalles

[36] Night of Dream - Edgar Flores Nandez

[26] The Knight Aquatic - Lawrence Elwick 

[32] SK - AISK one

[15] W'inomar's Retaliation -Patricio Oliver

We've also created a gallery with all 37 entries which you can see after the "jump" in the full post.  Enjoy!

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These are freakin' stellar.

I want to vote for some of the pieces that didn't make the final 5

Hey there. Boy those are some cool drawings. I can see that the judging must have been super hard. I voted but I'm also a huge fan of Manhunter and The Final Moment. Is there a chance I could get a jpeg of those?

Sorry. And Dragon Ate Knight. That one cracked me up.

Congrats to the top five! Man, all the entries look great.

Wow some great entries there!
although my favs aren't in the top 5, I'm really liking Mattiew Decroix's, James Yuex and Meggie's. :)

There are some really impressive entries there. My hats off to all the artists & the judges who had to choose among all the entries.
Good luck to the top 5.

Also, not in the top 5, but I absolutely love Daniel Fenelon's (Wavedog) "Red Dragon". Fantastic!

Very nice everyone! It's a shame Rick Wake didn't make the top 5. That's a great piece and fits the title better than some that did. Wave Dogs is awesome as well.

WOW!! This site is where the artists hang out! Thank you everyone who entered and voted. This was a fantastic turn out. I will be emailing everyone who entered the contest and extending to them an exclusive offer on my products!!! You guys rock!

Does anyone know if the artist Scott Underwood has a website or online portfolio. I quite liked his piece and wanted to see more of his work.

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