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Sep 20, 2006

NVC's Boom Bap Cheshire Cast

The upcoming We're All Mad Here Show at Gallery 1998  (10.07.06) will feature nearly 100 customized Cheshire Cat vinyl figure produced by Span of Sunset. NVC - Dr. Bao and Spive, spent quite a while conceptualizing their piece.  Their Boom Bap Cheshire Cat started with the  basic concept of a hip cat, an urban music lover and really got rolling once Bao realized he could turn the cat's tail into a gramaphone.

Once the music theme was cemented, the next step was to add working speakers. The cat will accept any standard plug device - CD, ipod, etc ;-)    NVC always seems to pour everything they have creatively into a custom and this one is a perfect example -- they created the custom and then really went off adding, adding, and adding...  a brick wall diaorama complete with trash can and a vinyl record carrier complete with a stack of miniature vinyl LP's including an Alice in Wonderland record as a tie-in.

Serious props to NVC for a sick piece.  If you're in the LA area, come out for the show  to check out all the pieces and chat with Bao who'll be making the trip down from Canada. 

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Holy shit! That is ridiculously awesome!!! Good job NVC.

An amazing custom by NVC! I met Dr. Bao last week at Madame Edgar in Montréal, he was talking about this show but keeping the design under wraps... I had no idea it would look this good! Have fun in LA; you'll blow everyone away with this cat. :)


that is really really REALLY awesome!!!

WOW!!! Bao/NVC Crew continue to push the custom design envelope. Just when I think that I've seen the best Bao custom ever, they come up with something even more brilliant! I can't wait to see the next Bao/NVC Crew custom. They make me proud to be a fellow Canadian.

Thanks everyone for your feedbacks. It's very appreciated....It motivates us to push further the custom design world....
I would like to thank Francine and Jack at VP for your supports.....It will be a big pleasure for me to meet you in LA at the show.

where can i get this??

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