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Oct 16, 2006

Seen: Graphic Contents Custom Qee Show @ mixi-bang! (10.14.06)

A decent-sized crowd outside was more than matched by a much larger-crowd inside mixi-bang this past Saturday (10.14.06) for the opening of the Graphic Contents Custom Qee show.  No wonder.  The show brought together some of the top minds in the print and motion graphic design biz to work their magic on Qees. Most of these designers had never seen a Qee, and this unfamiliarity paid off and how.  What's the path to innovation and wild design?

One answer is to throw budgets to the wind and fire up the rapid-prototyping machines to fabricate mind-blowing 3D additions. Extopolis' installation like piece featuring two Qees joined by an undulating wave is a sight to see.  As are the two very different Logan pieces -- one a wild cosmic warrior and the other a surreal black "skier".  While these pieces are costly to produce ($1500 - $3000 apparently), it's great to see folks trying new approaches that open up the possible to the raw imagination. 

Other design houses explored the limits of the possible with largely unused surface treatments from laser etching to the use of highly-reflective safety material mixed into the base coat for a luminous experience.  Others found their own unique way of pushing art forward.  From fabricating a wire-mesh Qee (dodemo),to creating a custom  gimp suit (Buck LA), to  going traditional with beads (Tennant McKay).

All in all this was a great show -- one of the best in recent memory.  Fresh. Innovative.  Maybe new eyes and new minds really do help to jump start things ;-)  If you live in SoCal and missed the show, go check it out.  Graphic Contents runs through November 3rd, 2006.

Wanna see more?  Click below for the full post with the complete gallery.

36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5
Pasadena, CA 90015

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best gee customs I've seen.

extopolis is that company where breanne shmoleman works right?


Who did the bug one mounted on the wall?

The wall mounted lighted bug qee was produced by Belief LLC.

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