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Oct 02, 2006

Yeast Infection (10.06.06)

Yeast Infection, curated by El Maz, is an online custom show and auction featuring customized  vintage Pillsbury Doughboy figures.  A lineup of talented artists took the original soft vinyl figure of the commercial icon released in 1971 and let their imagination and skill run wild.  All of the pieces will be auctioned on eBay staring on October 6th and will run for seven days.  This is a breath of fresh air for vinyl customs from the creative choice of "platform" to the imaginative results.  It's also another sweet example of a show organized by the Kidrobot Messageboard community.

Props to El Maz for the curation and all of the participating artists:
MotorbotDoktor AUpsoJaguar Nono aka Josh NovakApinaEl Maz RatcrturMimic LeeciferLASHLynnxeJason Jacenko (Atomika)KID9ooo000oooNessDavid Wagner (lgbdog1)RebelwookieScott Francis (mssrvalmont) Paul Kaiju•  Mindblowin02Pavid Kathie OlivasChristine Heitmueller (Navynails) Dear EarthlingAndrew Bell DragonCypher Jigga7 bilbetsovicDesecrationpuppetbraindrilonebucky lastard • trio of Spooky AMD, HideousBoi and IdleChimp for October Toys.   

Be sure to click below to see more Yeast Infection pieces.

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These are like the new Garbage Pail Kids...
Really awesome !!!

just amazing!

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