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Nov 24, 2006

LIV3R's November Munny Gallery

Hi there, a new gallery is up. It took a while because of my health problems...darn hospital didn’t let me go home sooner. These pieces are a collection I started for the September Gallery so there are a few more here than normal. Some really awesome customs here --  Doktor A, Phuek, Dear Earthling etc etc. I always love to see  unknown artists come up with the most wicked and brilliant stuff. There are always a few personal favorites I have although that’s not really fair cuz I like particular stuff. Can’t say anything about relying only on paint for custom Munnys as I have two of my own painted munnys in this one.

Definitely  pay attention to the work of Grenade Garden (Brandon Sopinsky) as he did this really insane 2 head custom, the great drawing skills of Northwolf and Dear Earthling but also the stuff  Dok and Phu bring on. Actually, all these pieces are really cool and I hope you all enjoy browsing through this installment of the Munny custom gallery (click through to the full post).


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Looks good! Thanx Jack!!

So glad you are keeping up with this LIV3R. Ive seen some of the best toy customs cause of you THANKS MAN!

These customs are outstanding. My handpicks are Dear Earthling and Erick Scarecrow. F'n awesome!

Erick Scarecrow's new shit is sick. That red doodoo with eyes is wild.

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