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Nov 24, 2006

Muttpop - Lucha Libre Comics

The upcoming Artoyz Muttpop signing with Lucha Libre artists Bill and Gobi, will be the first major Europe-based signing event since the debut of the Lucha Libre Comic anthology in France. Work on the actual comic began nearly two years prior to the release of Tequila, Muttpop’s debut figure. After 3 years in development, the comic has debuted in France to great critical acclaim and sales that have surpassed the expectations of Les Humanoides Associes, the Lucha Libre comic publisher.

The Muttpop team is incredibly happy with news of such success. And for those of you waiting for the English language debut of the Lucha Libre comic, your requests will be pleasantly answered in the next year! Designer toys, comics…what’s next on the Muttpop/Lucha Libre Crusade of “Good Taste”?

Below you’ll find a few morsels from the Lucha Libre comic series.

Parisians and World Travelers: Don’t forget about tomorrow’s Artoyz Muttpop signing! Check it out at Artoyz in Paris, France on Sunday November 25th @ 3 PM.

45 rue de l’Abre Sec 75001  PARIS
Telephone: 01 47 03 09 90

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hi i love the art on the comic and was wondering where can i get it. i curently live in the us.

That Stacy K character looks like she'd make a hot vinyl.

Thanks! At this point we are holding off on releasing the comics in the US until we have the English version ready. Expect the English version to be in stores sometime in early Summer.

We have definite plans to make Stacy K and the other Pom Pom Ninjas into figures. Stay tuned...

-Muttpop Bob

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