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Nov 05, 2006

Seen: Return of the Knuckle Bear (11.3.06)

A year after his first show at mixi-bang!, Touma made his return to the store on Saturday (11.4.06) for Return of the Knuckle Bear featuring several exclusives and hand-painted customs.  Turnout for the show was pretty heavy with a line for most of the night as folks waited for Touma to sign their newly acquired toys.   Three  toy exclusives were available at the show -- bone GID 6" Knuckle Bear, Black Mao Cat, and a clear blue Skuttle Alpha.  The new knuckle bear looks pretty fierce in dark colors including the Bone GID exclusive.  Mao Cat made his US debut at the show with the black exclusive and several very nice customs.  A nice giclee Knuckle Bear print, a sharp GID Bone shirt, and a Return of the Knuckle Bear show poster rounded out the show exclusives.

Touma also brought several customs including 5 really nice brown and tan Mao Cats, 6 Mao Cats with removable wrestling style resin-masks, and several beautiful metallic 6" Knuckle Bear customs. The metallic KB's really need to be seen in person to be really appreciated -- rather tough to capture with a camera ;-)  There were also several hybrid pieces consisting of a 2.5d painting with a Knuckle Bear relief  silhouette.  All of these one-off pieces were reasonably affordable (hovering around $200) giving fans a great opportunity of owning a Touma original. 

All in all,  the opening was a great night of toys and art with a rare chance to meet Touma in the US.   Several well-known artists also made the trip out to mixi-bang! to welcome Touma back to California including Simone Legno (tokidoki), Joe Ledbetter, and Ben (Nanospores).  Fans made the most of this opportunity having them sketch and sign their various toys from the new clear orange Sluggonadon to Mozzarella.  Many people stuck around to the the tail end of the show for the raffle which included rare Knuckle Bear Capsule Toys, show t-shirts, and Touma art books. 

36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5
Pasadena, CA 90015


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Thanks for a great show to Touma and the good peeps at mixi-bang!

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