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Dec 15, 2006

Advanced Look: Unklbrand MakPo Wax Sculpts

UNKL's upcoming MakPo figure is a collaboratve project inspired by Kow Yokoyama's Maschinen Krieger universe.  What began as a series of photo essays for Hobby Japan and then evolved into a series of highly-detailed model kits will soon be available as designer vinyl. Since MakPo was introduced at SDCC '06, Unklbrand has kept very quiet about this project... until now.  Here are pics of partial wax sculpts for MakPo (no, the final product won't be pink!) along with 3D renderings of the figure design.  MakPo is slated for an SDCC 2007 release from UNKL. 

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Man Maschinen Krieger rules... i saw it online ~5years ago. and wanted to get me some model kits but they are very hard to get. i wanted to build them and instead of doing camo paint happy and weird stuff on them. i could have been a customizing poineer (lol)

Nice Stuff!!

UNKL is putting out some amazing pieces. Must have this!

Top cross over! Bah, if only SDCC wasn't so far away...

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