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Dec 15, 2006

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 2

You're going to see this and FREAK OUT…but don't worry, this is all totally standard sculpting procedure! Muttpop decided to switch things up a bit by working on Dr. Destruction with SiteR,a local Los Angelean sculptor. Thus far, the experience has beenextraordinary.

When working with Monster5 on both Tequila and El Panda, Muttpop experienced the process of sculpt development in a manner very similar to Vinyl Pulse readers: through jpegs sent by e-mail. Monster5, hidden behind a barrage of e-mail addresses and contacts, would submit photos of the sculpt. Muttpop would discuss and send their comments. New pictures were then received in need of more comments.

With SiteR, sculptor of Dr. Destruction,  the Muttpop team is able to drive out and see the sculpt and discuss matters directly with SiteR, resulting in a far more dynamic and collaborative working experience.

Below are pictures of Dr. Destruction in his earliest phases of production. He's just a big hulking blob of wax. Wax is SiteR's preferred medium to sculpt with. He starts off with thin sticks and sheets of wax that he melts down. While melting the wax down, he begins to roughly form the wax into basic shapes that will eventually become Dr. Destruction's head, torso, legs, and arms.

Even in this most primitive form, the personality of Dr. Destruction is beginning to bleed through. Check back next week for the first clear glimpse at SiteR's early take on  Dr. Destruction's head.

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Interesting switch-up on the sculptors. Right on, right on. Can't wait to see more of the process with this dude + wax sculpting prowess.

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