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Dec 22, 2006

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 3

The Muttpop  and SiteR collaboration continues! Having accumulated that glob of semi-formed sculptors wax in last week’s post, SiteR went to work on the Dr. Destruction figure. Unlike clay or Sculpey, the sculptor’s wax becomes very hard at room temperature. To compensate for this, SiteR uses a tiny blowtorch to soften the wax as he goes about sculpting and tooling the piece with his arsenal of handmade instruments.

As SiteR began to shape out the entire figure, he took a particular interest in Dr. Destruction’s head.  The head is vital to the overall sculpt as the greatest point of focus on the figure and being instrumental to conveying the overall personality of the character.

Check out SiteR’s earliest renderings of Dr. Destruction’s head below. Happy holidays from the Muttpop team!

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I like the making of's and all, but they're not nearly as cool to look at when such small steps are seen each week. I mean - seeing the entire progression of the scuplture is great, but seeing such baby steps each week...who gives a toss?

Still, keep it coming, just more! more! more!


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