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Dec 29, 2006

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 4

We close out 2006, with our fourth look at the ongoing sculpt process for Muttpop's  Dr. Destruction.

Having fine-tuned his sculpting approach to Dr. Destruction with the initial head sculpt, SiteR began to give more shape to Dr. Destruction's body.  We're enjoying watching Dr. Destruction unfold before our eyes.  While work on the body is in the early stages, it's nice to see the full figure with enough detail to loosely imagine what the production piece might look like. Also cool to see the workflow progression from head to body with incremental increases in detail.

At this point, the Muttpop team was particularly happy with SiteR's focus on translating the quirky touches in Bill's original turnaround drawing into three-dimensional space. Check back next week for a look into Bill's and Muttpop's comments on SiteR's initial Dr. Destruction sculpt.

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He's looking awesome.
How tall will he be?
And is there anymore news on Red Demon?


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