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Dec 15, 2006

Honey-B Custom Contest Final Results

Luc Hudson (Triclops) - Robot B

We're excited to announce the results of the Honey-B x Vinyl Pulse Custom Contest.  Before we do though, here's a quick recap of the contest concept which stressed both design skills and customizing chops.  For the initial round, artists were asked to use the Honey-B figure template to submit original designs which were then judged.  The top ten designs were selected for the second and final round in which artists had the task of bringing their 2D design to life by customizing a blank Honey-B figure.

First place goes to Luc Hudson (Triclops) for his Robot BLenin Davila Estevez's The Killer Flower (La Florasesina) placed second.  Rounding out the top three, is Nikkie Po with her Super-B. Prizes?  Of course!

  • 1st: Winner's customized Honey B will be shown at the Honey B show held at the Hong Kong Toy and Game Fair from January 8th-11th in Hong Kong. Plus a set of the Fantast Honey B and a full set of the first generation Honey B.
  • 2nd: A set of Fantast Honey B and a full set of the first generation Honey B.
  • 3rd: A full set of Fantast Honey B.

Completing this round, the remaining seven excellent entries can be found in the full post after the jump. 

Congratulations to all the artists that entered the contest.  Thanks to Honey B's creator, Gary Thinking, and Heroine International Limited for sponsoring the contest.  We're blown away with the results and hope you enjoy looking at each entry -- custom photos and original design.

1st Place - Luc Hudson (Triclops) - Robot-B

2nd Place -  Lenin Davila Estevez - The Killer Flower (La Florasesina)

3rd Place - Nikkie Po - Super-B

Kid Zanshin (Matt Bailey) - Robo-B Blue

John Bell - LOST School Girl

Masa Critica - Pig-B

DeAndre Hutton - Sprout

Jeff Richards - Fuse B

Nikkie Po - Honey-B Plays Dress Up!

Alexander Shen - Último Campeón

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That second place winner looks amazing !!

great Job everyone!


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