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Dec 01, 2006

Jasper Photo Contest

We've been talking with Dan & Dan for awhile about doing a contest to celebrate the upcoming release of their first vinyl figure, Jasper Stank.  They wanted to do something creative and fun yet still open to everybody. 

So today we're stoked to announce the Jasper Photo Contest which should be subtitled "Squeal pig, squeal".  Jasper's from the farm, so to help everyone get into a rural mood we want to see your best pig (ya know, swine, hog...) impression.  To enter just take a picture of yourself on all fours (no costume required) doing your best to look like a dirty, smelly pig ;-)  Then send your photo to [email protected].  Dan & Dan will look at all the entries and choose their favorite as the winner. What will you get for your efforts?  Glad you asked.  The winner will receive an original painting (pictured above) by Jasper Artist Dan Lish .  Dan will paint in the "blank" with the likeness of the winner ;-)  The winner will also get a 1 of a kind Vinyl Pulse competition edition Jasper figure hand-customized by Dan Lish. Deadline to enter is Sunday December 31st, 2006 @ 8PM Pacific.


1. To enter send a picture of yourself on all fours with your best pig impression to [email protected].
2. The deadline to enter is Sunday December 31st, 2006 @ 8 PM Pacific
3. Entries will be judged by Dan and Dan who will select a winner.

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