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Dec 16, 2006

NVC - Afro Samurai Dunny

While Bao and Spive, collectively known as NVC, draw inspirations for their fantabulous customs from many sources they  are truly passionate about martial arts and hip-hop.  Enter Afro Samurai, an upcoming 5 episode anime series produced by legendary GONZO Studios based on the manga by Takahasi Okazaki.   Upon learning about the series which features the voice talents of the badder than bad, Samuel L. Jackson, and the music of  The RZA, NVC felt the calling and the challenge to make a toy tribute to the stylish  bearer of the impossibly large katana.

Starting with a 2" Dunny, NVC turned to their weapon of choice, clay sculpting.  The results are predictably awesome.  While Bao mentioned this was a challenging project especially with respect to the afro, the final result flows extremely well especially with the fine wispy detail in the bandanna.  So we have two NVC calling cards so far -- intricate custom sculpting and an impossibly small scale.  And for the third and final element -- unrelenting effort.  After all, what would a 2" Dunny homage to Afro Samurai be without a gorgeous backdrop diorama?  Toy Art?  You better believe it ;-)

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very cool!

man this is awesome, both toy and animation!

Dope....thats all

Great artistic detail and painstaking precision. Kudos!

Nice. But, Afro Samurai wears the #2 headband - not the #1 headband!

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