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Dec 29, 2006

Playtimes Issue 21 + Changes

Playtimes is ringing in '07 by reinventing itself.  A new look -- Starting with the January '07 issue, Playtimes will better showcase vibrant toy art and illustrations through the switch from woodfree paper to art paper.  A new deeper focus  -- New editorial mix will be heavy on feature articles and interviews. And finally, the biggest switch of all -- Playtimes is going bimonthly (6 issues a year) in order to better synchronize its various language editions.  One added bonus of the changes is that with the lighter paper, freight costs will drop which should hopefully translate into a cheaper retail price. 

Got that?  Cool -- Issue 21 brings a feature interview with Frank Kozik, a feature on ace customizer Doktor A (about time!), a look at Kaiju upstart Cronic, as well as the latest dope on the toys and art you need to know about.    Finally, this one will be available with two different covers - one by Frank Kozik and the other featuring Devilrobots x Touma who have a joint exhibition in Berlin in Jan '07.

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Hey, the picture on the cover of playtime looks
strangely like a Nvc crew custom from a while back,

Check it for yourselves, above middle page.

bronze migration



What's the difference between a smorking labbit riding a smorking bob... and a munny riding a smorking labbit, pulling a pet bob?

Do you even know who's bob?

Do your math.

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