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Dec 01, 2006

Report: Bill and Gobi's Signing at Artoyz

Bill and Gobi have safely returned from their Lucha Libre show held at Artoyz in Paris, France this past Saturday (11.25.06). Here’s a nice little recap of the excitement of the Muttpop Lucha Libre event just in case you weren't able to travel to Paris ;-)

Gobi and Bill immediately put their art skills to work doing sketches for fans and signing figures for collectors.  Be sure to click through to the full post to check out some of their amazing Lucha Libre sketches. Btw, Gobi is the one with the wavy hair while Bill has the close crop.  While Gobi's had two signing events in the US, Bill has yet to meet his fans stateside.  All in good time ;-)

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I wish I was there. he drawings are awesome.:)

who's the guy in the kung fu outfit? he should totally be a figure soon. he could balance like jleds teeter does, that would be awesome.
if only i wasn't busy last sat.


Thanks! Bill and Gobi are amazingly talented artists. It's crazy what's considered a "sketch" in France. Every piece is a fine work of art! :-)

Kung fu outfit? I believe you are referring to King Karateka. He's one of the Luchadores 5 (along with Red Demon, Dr. Pantera, El Gladiator, and Diablo Loco). We're definitely planning to release him and the other Luchadores5 as vinyl figures...the plan has already begun with the current production of Red Demon. A balancing figure sounds like a neat idea. Unfortunately it'll be ridiculosly hard to pull off. JLed's work has a nice clean, symmetrical design that lends itself wonderfully to the concept. Our more realistic designs wouldn't be as easy to pull off. Still a great idea.

-Muttpop Bob

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