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Dec 01, 2006

Shawnimals x MPH - Albino Pork + Contest

Everybody loves pork, Pocket Pork that is! The mini plush dumpling figures from Shawnimals and myplasticheart are back for another fun and delectable run with Series 2.   Pocket Pork Series 2 features six new creative flavors + one mystery dumpling  as well as new bonus goodies.  Each Pocket Pork will be sold blind -- individually wrapped for maximum freshness -- for  $11.99 exclusively at myplasticheart starting on Wednesday, December 6th @ Noon Eastern. Over the course of the next week or so, we'll be unveiling the new Pocket Porks one by one.  We'll also be giving away each day's featured Pocket Pork  ('cept for the last day's mystery) to a lucky winner.  5 Pocket Pork contests?  Yup! 

Today's featured Pocket Pork (#4) is Albino Pork  -- the other white meat x 2 ;-)  To enter the contest to win the Albino Pork miniplush, simply enter a comment to this post and be sure to enter your real email address when asked to do so.  This one-day contest ends on Friday, 12/01/06 @  8 PM Pacific.  Shipping will be covered within the continental USA otherwise is the responsibility of the winner. 


1. Enter by leaving a comment in this thread only.
2. One entry per person, multiple entries will disqualify you.
3. Contest ends on December 1st @ 8:00 PM Pacific.
4. Shipping is covered within the Continental USA. Shipping anywhere else is paid by winner.
5. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 72 hours of notification.

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Is that a pork in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Mmm...white meat


there should be some kind of pork based cereal product... porky-o's, frosted flesh, capt pork, or shredded mini pigs... something like that would rule my face off.

i like my meat white. yummy

dammit all - let me win already!

Damn I hope I'm not too late... Have a heart... a porky one...

MMM should go nicely with my eggnog latte

Heh, those are pretty cute.

hehe these are snazzy

I love every kind of pork. :-D

Im vegan but these rule.

Don't stare at it ! it have pink eyes ! *hides**

These are pretty cool. Gotta pick up a few.


I'm a vegeterian, but these pieces of pork might just turn me back!

mmm looks tasty

This pork can't go outside. Sad.

Great, I love albino's!

ha cute

the raw pork is too funny! X_X


I'm da pork

i'll take this one well done please

yayo! white meat!

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