Jul 20, 2006

Thomas Han @ SDCC

Here's more SDCC news, Thomas Han will have his set of Qee toy and print available at MunkyKing's booth. The set comes with a  signed (box) 2.5" OXOP Series 2 Qee and a 2.5"x3.5" trading card size giclee print, which will be individually signed and numbered. The print is also stamped for authenticity and encased in a heavy 4 screw, air tight crystal clear case frame.  Each set retails at $60 and has an edition size of 50 but only 30 sets will be available at SDCC. The remaining 20 will be made available for Thomas's mailing list. Thomas will be signing at the MunkyKing booth on Friday and Saturday between 4:30-5:00PM. So make sure you swing by booth #4736 to grab your signed print/toy set.


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Frank Kozik @ SDCC Day 1

mFrank Kozik is no stranger to conventions but this is the first year he had his own booth at SDCC. As usual, fans crowded his booth before he was even allowed to start selling. Labbits and Ika Gilas were available and of course the chilled man himself was all too busy wheeling and dealing with his fans.

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MunkyKing @ SDCC Day 1

The folks at MunkyKing were putting up the finishing touches to their booth as the door opened for Preview Night at SDCC. On display were  2 colorways of Luke Chueh's Possessed, the regular white version and a black/gold version. Although they were not available at SDCC, you will be able to get a special all-black version of the devil mini-fig that is part of the full Possessed toy. 100 of this mini-figure will be  available  for Luke to customize starting tomorrow, with 33 pieces released each day.   Thomas Han's Pushers protos made a surprise appearance at the booth. There are a total of 4 versions: Human, Animal, Angel and Devil. Human and Angel were on display tonight. Another new toy from MunkyKing is the La-La by Kii Arens, which has magnetic feet and lights up. Finally take a sneak peek at snow boards from Cameron Tiede.   Remember, check our downloadable schedules for a run-down on artist signings at SDCC.

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STD @ SDCC - Booth 5029

STD Toys (hmm, interesting name) -- Slick, Tony (founder), and Dez made its official debut in Booth 5029 sharing space with Merit International.  STD showcased two of the Doodle Barn figures (1 thin, and 1 more portly) from Dez Einswell.  Each has an outer jacket/shell which can be lifted off the figure -- so you get two distinct looks in one figure.  There were three colorways on display -- standard, gold (apparently limited to 30 pieces), and a black DIY edition.  Slick on the other hand was showing his new Shaolin Monk mini-figs.  These are quite cool -- cute yet fairly detailed and varied.  As you can see there are several variations with different facial expressions and accessories. The older gray-haired monk looks really interesting as does the monk with the long traditional chinese Q hair style.   We'll definitely do some followup on these as right now we have more questions than answers ;) 

Dez Einswell's Doodle Barn Figures

Gold Edition - 30 pieces

Jacket removed


Slick's Shaolin Monk Figures

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Preview Night - Kaching Brands / Level 5 @ SDCC

Kaching Brands may be a newcomer to the vinyl scene, but you'd never know it by the large crowd around their booth.   People are definitely curious about the company and their many toys on display -- the buzz seems pretty upbeat.  The first thing one is likely to notice about the booth is the elaborate 2 story setup -- definitely raising the standard a notch or two.  The main action is downstairs with several display cases filled with new toys -- production pieces for sale and prototypes of upcoming figures.  The 2nd floor will aparently be a "chill" pad.  The sheer number of figures on display here is pretty staggering. 

We took a few brief pictures on preview night (wed) but we'll have a much more complete set tomorrow.  There's definitely much more to see!  Until then enjoy this small advanced look at the booth.  Briefly, pictured in this set are the two Dumb Dummies figures by Toby HK: Holy, the very large boxer (missing a chunk out of his ear!), and the Toby figure patterned after the designer himself.  Additionally, there's a group shot of several of the FLCL 12" Canti figures. 

Kaching Brands -- Two Levels !

Bruce Lee by Arnie Kim

Holy and Toby HK figs



By Viva Graphics

FLCL Cantis: Toby HK x 2, Phuek! (custom), MAD


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Kidrobot @ SDCC Day 1

SDCC started off with a bang, a bang from a fork lift dropping boxes of merchandise. Opps!! Someone is not going to have their products!! Luckily it wasn't a vendor we were interested in, like Kidrobot. With a line of surprised toy releases for the remaining days of SDCC, Kidrobot, booth #4529, started off Pre View Night with the sale of Dunny Series 3. Besides, the 2" fellas, there was a 60" Munny waiting for artists to doodle on. Here's a up close and personl look at the Series 3's chases and Gary Baseman putting his mark on the gaint toy. 

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Jul 19, 2006

Live from SDCC - Day 1

SDCC Exclusive GID Penny and Bling from Tim Tsui

SDCC starts today, well tonight, with preview night.  Feeling left out?  No worry, today's the start of our live coverage and the start of the daily giveaways.  Today we have two signed SDCC GID exclusives from Tim Tsui - Bling and Penny.  One lucky winner gets 'em both! These exclusives will be available at SDCC in the Kaching Brands / Level Booth (4521). Tim Tsui will be signing at the booth  on Friday at 2:30PM and Saturday at 12:30PM.

So how do you win?  Enter by sending an email with your real name and mailing address to [email protected].  Rest assured that we will not use your information for any purpose other than to send you the prize should you win -- contest entries will be deleted by August 1st. Only one entry per person, duplicate entries will result in disqualification.  The deadline to enter is 9:00 PM Pacific time tonight (Wednesday, July 19th).   Winner will be chosen by random draw using a random number generator (random.org). The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.  Each of the 5 daily contests during SDCC is separate -- you must enter each one on the day it is announced in order to have a chance to win that day's prize.  That's about it!  Good luck!

1. Enter by sending email to [email protected] with your real name and mailing address.
2. Only one entry per person -- duplicate entries subject to disqualification.
3. Deadline to enter is 9:00 PM pacific on Wednesday, July 19th 2006.
4. Winner will be chosen by random draw (using random.org).

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Thunderdog's 50 Mutt Riot @ SDCC

Just in... 50 Mutt Riot from Thunderdog Studios -- 50 customized Thundermutts with a polished AK-47 round under the lid.  Love having the numbering front and center -- people will be jockeying for their fave for sure!  These puppies exude craftsmanship from the hand-painted Tmutts to the beautiful hand-sprayed wood box and the engraved bullet.  Thunderdog continues to impress.   These will be available @ SDCC.

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Jul 18, 2006

SDCC Signing Schedules

Update: Added Simone Legno's 3 to 4:30 PM signing (7/23) @ STRANGEco (v1.1)

So thanks to Francine's  hard work, we're happy to be able to offer you two compiled SDCC signing schedules  -- one by booth and one by date/time.  These are available as two separate PDF files.  Please note that while we have tried to ensure accuracy, these schedules are in flux and are subject to change.  Please verify the schedule with the vendor at the convention to ensure accuracy.   To download you may want to right-click the links and select "save as...".  Enjoy!

Signing Schedule by Booth
Signing Schedule by Date

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Ralph Cosentino's Fun-Boy @ SDCC

Ralph Cosentino, the illustrator of "The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo and Swella-Bow-Wow" who last year launched his first toy line based on his characters, Kaiju Kidz, will be invading SDCC 2006. He will be releasing his newest children's book, "The Marvelous Misadventures of Fun-Boy" and will be signing copies of it at Toy Tokyo booth #5327 This big graphic comic strip book will include an exclusive Toy Tokyo book plate for the event and Ralph will also be giving away Fun-Posters for those who purchases the book. For toy fans, Ralph's Mecha-Badboy custom Kaiju Kidz figure which towers at 9" will be available at Toy Tokyo's booth. Interested? Swing by and get up close and personal with Ralph and his Kidz!!!

Signing Schedule:
Thursday 07/20 4-5pm
Friday     07/21  4-5pm

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Jul 17, 2006

Live From SDCC - 5 Days of Updates and Contests

San Diego Comic-Con is by far the biggest event for designer vinyl.  Starting on Wednesday, July 19th and running through Sunday, July 23rd  exclusive after exclusive will drop and some of the hottest artists will be there signing and chatting with collectors. 

But what if you can't make it ?!?  No  worries, we've got your back. All the artists, toys, and excitement that is SDCC, right here, every day on Vinyl Pulse.   One key development this year is the introduction of Kaching Brands, a newcomer set to turn heads.  Wondering what Kaching Brands is all about?  We'll be bringing you daily news from the Kaching Brands / Level 5 booth (#4521) featuring Buff Monster,  Arnie Kim, Tim Tsui, Toby HK, Sket One, MAD, Mizna Lens, Colorblok, Joe Ledbetter and the launch of the most talked about art toys.  The word is out…

Daily updates will be great, but what about the exclusive toys?  How can you get your hands on these hot items if you're not at the event? We've got you covered too.  We will be running 5 daily contests for each day of Comic-Con.   So if you can't make it to the big show, you'll still have a chance at scoring some great exclusive toys, apparel and decks.  All together, we're talking over $5000 worth of prizes.  Props to Kaching Brands for supporting these contests.

Wednesday, July 19th
Win a Tim Tsui SDCC exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Bling and Penny.Two signed figures to one winner - a value of over $200.

Hong Kong artist Tim Tsui will be signing in person at the  KACHING BRANDS / LEVEL 5 San Diego Comic Con booth #4521 Friday at 2:30PM and Saturday at 12:30PM

Thursday, July 20th
Win a Toy Tokyo Camouflage Exclusive, Toby HK Asia version and MAD SDCC exclusive  12” FLCL Canti Figures. 3 signed figures to one winner - a value of $400

Hong Kong artist Toby HK will be signing at the Toy Tokyo / High Five San Diego Comic Con booth #5325

MAD will be signing at the KACHING BRANDS / LEVEL 5 San Diego Comic Con booth #4521 Friday at 3:30PM and Saturday at 2:30PM

Friday, July 21st
Win Tim Tsui, T-28, MAD, Colorblok and Miza Lens skate decks.  5 signed boards to one winner - a value of over $500.

Each artist will be all be appearing in person at the KACHING BRANDS / LEVEL 5 San Diego Comic Con booth #4521

Saturday, July 22nd
Win the latest designer CUDA Amexicana GEAR, the first series from one of LA’s trendiest stores, Barracuda.  Plus win a set of A/P Hokoten Harajuku Series I figures. This prize pack is valued at over $1500.

A very limited supply of designer T-shirts, hoodies, figures and fashion gear will be available at the KACHING BRANDS / LEVEL 5 San Diego Comic Con booth #4521

Sunday, July 23rd - Grand Prize
Win an A/P 36” Tetsujin 28 Figure,  the first US Release from Geneon’s classic T-28 project,  valued at over $2,000. One of only three T-28 A/P's in the world.

5 advance limited edition figures of Tetsujin 28 will be on sale each day at the KACHING BRANDS / LEVEL 5 San Diego Comic Con booth #4521 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Be sure to check Vinyl Pulse every day of SDCC this week starting on Wednesday July 19th through Sunday the 23rd for  updates from the floor and your daily chance at winning amazing toys and lifestyle goodness.

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Kaching Brands / Level 5 @ SDCC

Kaching Brands / Level 5 has announced the signing schedule for their first appearance at SDCC.  Swing by booth 4521 (next to Marvel and Activision) to  meet the artists, check out the exclusive figures, gaze at the prototypes and groove to the sounds of DJ Ruly (see schedule).

Kaching Brand / Level 5
Artist Appearances
Booth 4521

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 – Preview Night
5:30PM - 9:00PM

7:30PM    Meet Arnie Kim, Tim Tsui, Toby HK, Colorblok and Mizna Lens

Thursday, July 20, 2006
9:45AM – 7:00PM

11:30AM    Limited edition toy release signing with Toby HK (Hong Kong)

12:30PM    Joe Ledbetter (USA) apparel product launch

1:30PM      Toy signing with Sket One (USA)

Friday, July 21, 2006
9:45AM – 7:00PM

11:30AM    Signing with toy sculptor Arnie Kim (Korea)

12:30PM    Signing with Buff Monster (USA)
                Barracuda presents DJ Ruly spinning a special set

1:30PM     SDCC exclusive toy signing with Mizna Wada (Japan)

2:30PM     Penny exclusive signing with Tim Tsui (Hong Kong)

3:30PM     SDCC exclusive toy signing with MAD (USA)

Saturday, July 22, 2006
9:00AM – 7:00PM

11:30AM    Signing with Colorblok (Argentina)

12:30PM    Bling exclusive signing with Tim Tsui (Hong Kong)

1:30PM     Signing with toy sculptor Arnie Kim (Korea)

2:30PM    Signing with MAD (USA)

3:30PM    Signing with Sket One (USA)

Sunday, July 23, 2006
9:45AM – 5:00PM

11:30AM   Signing with Mizna Lens(Japan)

12:30PM   Signing with Colorblok (Argentina)

1:30PM    Signing with Joe Ledbetter (USA)

2:30PM    Signing with Toby HK (Hong Kong) 

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MAD x FLCL 12" Canti Figures

SDCC Exclusive 12" Canti by MAD

MAD has two sweet 12" FLCL Canti figures dropping shortly from Kaching Brands. First up is the SDCC exclusive edition which is limited to just 88 pieces making it the rarest of the FLCL Canti figures.  This one will be available starting on Thursday, July 20th for $99.99 at the Kaching Brands booth (#4521).

Next up is the black and gold Barracuda exclusive Canti designed by MAD.  This one is limited to 100 pieces, comes with a Barracuda jacket and will be able for $99.99 exclusively at Barracuda, an exclusive lifestyle hotspot and boutique on Melrose Ave. in LA on August 6th, 2006 at noon (in-store) and 4 PM (online).

7600 B Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

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Toby HK x FLCL 12" Canti Figures

Toby HK has designed two SDCC exclusive 12" FLCL Canti Figs coming your way from Kaching Brands.  Both figures are variants of the licensed Canti figure (USA only) from the Fooly Cooly anime series and was sculpted by Eric Noella Diaz.  The Canti figures are quite nice with a great shape and are built well so as to be very stable standing upright.

The Camoflauge Pattern Canti  designed by Toby HK is limited to 100 pieces and will be available for $99.99 at Toy Tokyo's SDCC booth (#5325).  Plus, if you purchase this figure you will also receive a Toy Tokyo poster designed by Toby HK.

Toby HK also designed this Yellow and Black Canti which is a shared exclusive between Toy Tokyo and 1045showroom.  This one is limited to 200 pieces and will be available for $99.99 each at Toy Tokyo's SDCC booth (#5325).

Both figures will be available starting on Wendesday July 19th (preview night). Swing by the Toy Tokyo booth on Thursday July 20th from 1 to 2 PM for a signing from Toby HK.

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'125 Minutes of Pus' @ SDCC

To celebrate his 25th anniversary of work, Super7 will be welcoming the legendary Pushead for a special '125 Minutes of Pus' event on Thursday, July 20th starting at about 4:30 PM at their SDCC booth. Super7 will have several special items that will be available only for sale during the event, never to bee seen again. 

At the top of the list is the a special edition Came from the Sea Skullpirate figure produced by Secret Base, the first Skullpirate to be released outside of Japan.  This one is limited to 125 pieces and comes with a signed tag and Skullpirate bandanna for $75.

There's also a Jar of Pus circus punk limited to 25 pieces for $100 each.  Plus,  several one-of-a-kind vinyl figures hand-painted by Pushead will be available during the event.

Pushead will make a personal appearance at the event and may sign items for fans.  This is also your chance to meet Hiddy from Secret Base.  Definitely not to be missed. Props to Isaac of Super7 for the info + pic.

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50 Mutt Riot from Thunderdog Studios

Woo hoo... Thunderdog Studios is about to unleash the 50 Mutt Riot @ SDCC.   Pics to follow shortly !

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Jul 16, 2006

Acid Rain Qee by Cameron Tiede

Cameron Tiede  created this Acid Rain Custom Qee just in time for SDCC.  This piece started life as a 16" qee and now stands about 2 feet high.  Cute, easy to look at, and environmentally conscious too ;-)  Drop by Munky King's SDCC booth (#4736)  to check it out.

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Jul 15, 2006

Mike Burnett @ SDCC

Boy Tokyo

Mike Burnett has created three SDCC  exclusive hand-made 6" wood figure designs for Toy Tokyo (booth # 5325).  There's Joy Tokyo (1 piece), Soy Tokyo (6 pieces) and Boy Tokyo (12 pieces).  Each wood sculpture will sell for $150. Mike will be signing at Toy Tokyo's booth (along with Chris Ryniak) on Thursday and Friday from Noon to 1 PM.  So drop by.

Joy Tokyo

Soy Tokyo

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SDCC Exclusive Vanbeater Batbrow GID Sqwert

SDCC is right around the corner and Jamungo's cooked up an SDCC exclusive GID version of the Vanbeater Batbrow Sqwert. This glowing badboy is limited to 100 pieces and will be available at the DKE Toys booth (#4730).  This is the first Sqwert to be released -- so don't snooze on this one ;-)

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DKE Toys will be at Cult Yard/Toy Growers section at booth 4730, here's the signing schedule. Take careful notes to make sure you don't miss out on meeting any of your favorite designers.  Also, drop by the booth for a huge array of exclusives and protos (post coming).

Friday July 21st
11 AM   Nathan Jurevicius (Scary Girl)
Noon     Touma and sculptor T9G
2 PM     Craig Perkins (Broken Heart Robot)
3 PM     Muttpop Bob & Jerry Frissen (Tequila & El Panda)

Saturday July 22nd
3 PM     Muttpop Bob & Jerry Frissen (Tequila & El Panda)
5 PM     Ron English & Dave Pressler (GID Rabbbit)

Sunday July 23rd 
2 PM     Craig Perkins (Broken Heart Robot Creator)

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Jul 14, 2006

Tim Tsui @ SDCC

Tim Tsui, one of the original Hong Kong Urban Vinyl designers, will be making his first appearance at SDCC this year!  He is best known for his dateambronx ape toys including Kong, Penny and Bling.  Going farther back, he also created King, an urban graff writer, complete with removable puffy jacket and spray-can shaped "box". 

Tim will be releasing  and signing two SDCC exclusive toys at the Kaching Brands / Level 5 booth (#4521).  This is a rare opportunity to meet Tim Tsui outside of Asia  and score some seriously cool exclusives. Here's his full schedule:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 – PREVIEW NIGHT
7:30PM  Meet  TIM TSUI (Hong Kong)

Friday, July 21, 2006
2:30PM  SDCC exclusive Penny signing with TIM TSUI (Hong Kong)

Saturday, July 22, 2006
12:30PM   SDCC exclusive Bling signing with TIM TSUI (Hong Kong)

Now, you're probably thinking... Get to the toys!  ;-)

Glow-in-the-dark Penny




Glow-in-the-dark Bling

Comic-Con is less than a week away.  Excited yet !?!? GID Bling and GID Penny ;-)  Tim Tsui at SDCC, too cool!

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Hi Fructose @ SDCC

Hi Fructose will launch Vol.3 at San Diego Comic-Con at booth 4735 in the Toy Growers section. Come by and pick up your copy of the new release complete with Viewmaster reel, buy a viewer, and say hello to Hi F founders Annie Owens and Atta with special guest signings below:

11:00am Kaiju Big Battel's Dr. Cube
2:00  pm Craola Signing
3:00  pm Alex Pardee

1:00 pm Brian McCArty
2:00 pm Ira Gobler from Gobler toys

11:00 Attaboy

There's also a Jeff Soto slot - he will sign rare copies of Vol.2 and his new Art Book. Time to be Announced (check the booth board for updates)

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Jul 13, 2006

UnklBrand @ SDCC

Unklbrand has an exciting lineup for this year's SDCC at booth #4632 with the release of three new series of figures on July 20th thru the 21st.  Let's dive in ;-)

B1.2 4 Blu Lu

B1.2 5 Greene

B1.2 6 Sharkey's Machine

HazMaPo B1.2 Train Series: Release Date July 20th

B1.2 4 Blu Lu
A Former Cleaner For the Mob, she now spends her time more Nobly- as choreographer for the Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleaders. Her free time is spent hunting for javelinas on her ranch in Waxahachie, Texas
Favorite Food: Kolaches

B1.2 5 Greene
A once proud satellite dish salesman and proponent of the crew cut can be found scamming European car salesman. He’s a sucker for the mayonnaise and isn’t afraid to share it.
Favorite Food: Tuna Dog’s

B1.2 6 Sharkey’s Machine
Only has one eye but always on the prize. A devoted father and Olympic enthusiast, his next goal is compete in the Summer Biathlon (gymnastic floor exercise + precision target shooting).
Favorite Food: Snuffer’s Fries

The HazMaPo's roll on with these cool new editions.  Mini-figs for the post-apocolyptic age ;-) Series B1.2 offer color variations of the recently released B1 HazMaPo's. 




JunPo Series 1: Release date July 21st

No one is sure how long the JunPo organization has been around. Like the Samurai or the illuminati, they have existed as a secretive global faction passing down their mission and way of life from generation to generation.


Base of Operation: Finland
Day Job: Crab Fisherman
Specialty Task: Deep Sea Rescue


Base of Operations: India
Day Job: Janitor
Specialty Task: Urban Clean Up


Base of Operations: Thailand
Day Job: Backhoe Operator
Specialty Skill: Subterranean Mole

The JunPo's are looking good.  These echo the vibe of the current HazMat suits more than any of the previous UnklBrand figs.  The arm detail is quite nice.

D 56 

E 57

SUG Series 2: Release date July 22nd

In 1955 SUG was born in a remote part of Iceland. He weighed in at a 40lbs and was an astounding 43" long. Today, the real SUG is all of 7'7" and weighs 655lbs. He continues to base his operations out of a remote location in the moonlike landscape of northern Iceland. We approached SUG to ask if we could create a 12" version of him and tell his story. The only thing he asked for in exchange was a set of the 3 original UNKL Brand SUGs, which we quickly agreed to. For the record, SUG says the figures are an
excellent representation of his likeness.

There are two new figures in this 2nd series: D 56 (Red) Icelandic Surgical Division and E 57 (Black) Icelandic Tactical Division.  The SUG is a really nice figure, one that hasn't really gotten its just due. We hope that Series 2 attracts a new legion of fans.

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Andrew Bell's Zliks Dropping SOON + Wallpaper

Oil Zliks by Andrew Bell

Zliks time has almost arrived.  To celebrate their arrival, there's a brand spankin' new  official Zliks shrine on the web.  Andrew Bell's crazy triplets will be shipped to retailers shortly and  can now be pre-ordered directly from Dead Zebra (shipping in mid-August after SDCC)!  Additionally, Zliks will be available at SDCC in the Dumbrella booth (#1434) and at WWS's downtown encampment.

Psycho Zliks

Natural Zliks

Produced by DYZPLASTIC and Wheaty Wheat Studios, the Zliks come in three different species with each broken down ino three editions - standard, variant, and a much rarer exclusive.   Photos courtesy of Wheaty Wheat.

Finally,  we're stoked to release an exclusive Zliks x VP wallpaper designed by AB in his copious spare time.  You rock Scratch!   Go get it in our wallpaper section.

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Jul 11, 2006

David Horvath's Mothman @ SDCC

David Horvath's Mothman, the third figure in Wonderwall's Kaiju for Growups series, is about to drop.  The Eye Witness edition is limited to 100 pieces with the following breakdown: 30 for David and Sun-Min's grandchildren, 10 for wonderwall to sell in Japan, and 60 at the DKE Toys booth (#4730) at SDCC which is one aisle over from the Uglydolls booth.   As with the other figures in this series, Mothman is 100% Japanese vinyl.  Thanks to David for the edition breakdown and the pic of the Mothman horde. 

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