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Jan 25, 2007

Battle of the Collections: Secret Base Style

Battle of the Collections: Secret Base Style @ Meltdown Comics features one of the largest Secret Base collections ever assembled (~ 170 figs) courtesy of Über collector, MutonIsMy Friend.    New Secret Base figures are fairly hard to come by stateside and the older stuff is long gone, stashed away in private collections so this is a great chance to see these figs in person rather than just have to make do with pics in mags and on the web.

Secret Base is probably best appreciated as a body of work across the various sculpts rather than any one single figure in isolation.  So go and see what the buzz is all about.   A followup to last year's display of Mutton's Henshin Cyborg collection,  BOTC: Secret Base Style runs through February 17th with a "closing" reception at 6PM.  Be sure to click below to the full post to see even more of this sweet collection.

Meltdown Gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles. 90046

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LASK In full effect!

I just saw this stuff, unreal. !!
Cool comic shop & gallery aswell !

Nice display, Muton. I'll give you $50 for the lot. ;)


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