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Jan 05, 2007

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 5

SiteR’s first pass at Muttpop’s Dr.Destruction was complete. The Muttpop crew loved what SiteR had accomplished, but with the help of Dr. Destruction creator, Bill, Muttpop came up with the following tweaks for the sculpt:

1. Eyes less angular: Eyes should be more round and less square.

2. Cheek area of mask less angular: Please round out the Cheek/Jawbone area of the mask. This is to help emphasize the skull-like nature of the mask.

3. Legs a littler longer & posed: Current leg length ends at where the ankle should begin. Left leg needs to be angled more to the left.

4. Back less angular: Angles of the back (particularly in the shoulder blade area) needs to be rounded out.

5. Jaw area needs to be sharpened: Less round, more square.

6. Larger distinction between mask and face: Relief indicating what is Destruction's face and what is his mask needs to be made more distinct/thicker.

7. Head/Chin tilted forward: Please emphasize the tilt of Dr. Destruction's head. Destruction's head should be tilted forward a bit...forcing Destruction to give you that menacing eyes staring from below brow look.

Check back next week to see how SiteR tackled Muttpop’s requests.

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