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Jan 12, 2007

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 6

Muttpop’s  Dr. Destruction Figure first round of corrections are nearly complete. Based on Bill’s suggested corrections,SiteR went to work on his wax sculpt of the fabulous Frenchman.

As can be seen in the comparison photos, SiteR rounded out the eyes on the skull mask. He also added some angular definition to Dr. Destruction’s sleeked back hair. The Dr. head has been slightly tilted forward and his sideburns are being redone for some extra relief. This is the first time we get to see Dr. Destruction with his “cigarette”.Next week we’ll focus on SiteR’s adjustments to Dr. Destructions lower body.

By the way, developments on Red Demon are moving full steam ahead. We expectto see new glimpses of the Red Demon vinyl prototype some time this month! Lots of Muttpop goodies are on the horizon. Much of it will soon be revealed right here on Vinyl Pulse.

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Are you serious? ANOTHER figure with a cigarette? When will it end?!!!

Looking good fellows.

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