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Jan 19, 2007

Dr. Destruction Revealed Part 7

Here’s the latest glimpse at Muttpop’s  Dr. Destruction Figure as sculpted by SiteR.

Of particular interest are the tweaks SiteR has made to Dr. Destruction’s body in response to Bill’s suggestions. A slight repositioning of the leg adds a swagger and style to Dr. Destruction that was not felt in his originally sculpted stance. Relief in the suit detail has also been sharpened.

As mentioned last week, Red Demon has not been forgotten! Included below are first glimpses at the printed prototype of the Red Demon box and the master mold of the Vinyl Rotocast Red Demon figure. A dark colored paint has been sprayed over the white vinyl to accentuate the detail in the photo.

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Does the Red Demon box say "glow in the dark"?

As release nears on Dr. Destruction, you people should put up a video of the figure/release party/whatever set to Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction." Yeah! Bah-duh-da-duh-na-nuh!


Glad to see Red Demon coming along. Not into glow in the dark, but I know lots of folks are, so rock on.

I do not get the quality drop in craftsmanship seen in this new sculpt from previous figures. The dynamics and fluidity of line is terribly absent in the Doctor sculpt.
Can a fan of this company give us an insight?

R_Natas -

As a fan, here's what I can tell you is different about Dr. Destruction from the other Muttpop figures:

Muttpop's first two figures, Tequila & El Panda, were created by Gobi & Jerry Frissen and sculpted by Monster 5. So, it makes sense that there's some design consitency with those 2 figures since the creative team was the same on those.

Muttpop's third figure (not yet released), Red Demon, was created by Bill & Jerry Frissen and sculpted by Monster 5. SO - it makes sense that this figure would have a different feel since one of the creative team members is different.

Dr. Destruction was created by Bill & Jerry Frissen and is being sculpted by SiteR. SO - it makes sense that this figure would have a different feel from Tequila/El Panda AND Red Demon since 2 members of the creative team are different from the team that created the Muttpop figures already released.

Personally - I dig that things are switching up a bit. Variety is the spice of life, baby!

Apologies for any mistakes in info & keep up the good work Muttpop.

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