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Jan 18, 2007

Seen: Amanda Visell - Switcheroo

Amanda Visell opened her first solo show in LA, Switcheroo, @ Gallery 1988 about two weeks ago to a nearly packed house.  We were there to soak in her numerous new paintings, several sweet wood sculptures, the live dixieland band (got pictures to prove it!), and the babie cookies.  So yes this report is waay late -- would you believe someone switched my laptop and replaced it with a Commodore 64?  No?  Darn!

If you attend art shows in LA you've certainly seen Amanda's work -- cute, colorful, humorous, and  nostalgic depictions of everyday scenes injected with measured does of sci-fi, wildlife, and southern flavors plus the occasional ingested baby.   Rather than having to make do with two or three pieces from Amanda at a group show, Switcheroo rewarded the crowd by showcasing her talents across canvases small and large featuring a wide variety of themes.

In addition to her paintings, Amanda translated her painting style seamlessly into 3D with several excellent wood sculptures including a  police car complete with apprehended burglar, pink elephant (w/ingested babies) and a 'bot.  She and Michelle Valigura also created Graveyard Stomp,an elaborate dixieland band piece.  Makes you wonder when we'll see larger vinyl from Amanda (she has a minifig in the upcoming Vivisect Series from STRANGEco).  Be sure to click below to the full post for waaay more pics including a shot of nearly ever piece (I might have missed one or two). 

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Link is missing for full report.

Ah, there it is.

i'm a huge fan of amanda's work but i really doubted that her style could ever be conveyed effectively in 3-d, but i've been totally proven wrong... the figures look absolutely amazing.

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