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Jan 19, 2007

Touma's Fang Wolf from Wonderwall

Now we're talking! After being teased with sweet ads in Playtimes and other mags, Touma's Fang Wolf is about to jump off the page and onto shelves courtesy of Wonderwall.  Thanks to Touma and Wonderwall we have these pics of a Fang Wolf proto from multiple angles and next to a 6-inch Knuckle Bear for comparision. Wonderwall is readying Fang Wolf for a late April '07 release (based on machine translation).  The figure will stand roughly 20 cm high and retail for 4725 yen (~ 40.00) USA -- again based on machine translation. 

Fang Wolf seems to build on the Hell Hound body shape with a much darker overall appearance thanks to the very angular head and massive shoulders. Part of the Knuckle family, Fang Wolf is probably the most menacing character to date with beautifully sculpted powerful arms and twisted curved knuckles.  As a random observation, in all grey,  Fang Wolf kinda reminds me of the Gerwalk configuration of the Veritech fighters -- snout as the cockpit area.  Then again, maybe I'm just sleep deprived.    Back on track... Fang Wolf looks to be a sweet figure -- part of me wishes it was going to be Japanese vinyl (I'm assuming it isn't) -- a clear Fang Wolf would be stellar. 

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Thats looking tight right there!! Love the new sculpt.

qee sculpt looked SO much better.

AWESOME!! Definately need to get one of these.

"qee sculpt looked SO much better."

Are tou serious? You gotta be smokin crack to think a platferm toy that's been done to death cuold even hold a fart to this sculpt.

this thing eat sqee's for breakfast. YO!


I am so excited for this to drop. Wasn't thrilled with Grabbit, but I am all in for this guy. :)

Damn that's nice... the only thing that irks me is the sculpt of the head. The 2 flares of hair on the side go out too much and makes it look like shoulder pads from a frontal viewpoint. Just IMO.

Oh MUST HAVE!~!!!!!!

"Are tou serious? You gotta be smokin crack to think a platferm toy that's been done to death cuold even hold a fart to this sculpt."

the head and arms on the fang wolf qee were new sculpts...only thing that kept it a qee was the body.

i just think this looks dumb. kinda like the hellhound.
and i love crack!

Damn that's a must have for sure! O_O

yea the arms looks very good.. but it's somethin' about the back of him n the legs looks abit off...

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