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May 18, 2007

Cameron Tiede's Tribal-28 Rocks Vinyl Elements

Wow... What a night. Vinyl Elements opened this past Friday at Barracuda with a bang.  Thanks to everyone who came out -- made our night to see such a great response.  To our surprise, MINDstyle artist Cameron Tiede turned in not a Fourcube as expected, but his gorgeous Tribal-28, a custom 36" T-28!!  As one of the clear standout pieces of the show, Tribal-28 was thefirst thing people saw as they stepped in the door.  One of the fan favorites, people were talking about the 'sick' piece and kept asking Cameron just how long it took to complete ("too long").   Rather than taking Tetsujin at face value, Cameron transformed the entire figure  with a two piece torch, leaf skirt, and pineapples (complete with fabricated wood stems) where rockets once lay.   The amount of work that went into this piece is mind-boggling. Cameron always approaches each project looking to dazzle people with bigger and more elaborate designs.  With Tribal-28 he went really BIG.

Cameron's customs continue to impress. In addition to Tribal-28, Cameron created a beautiful custom Darth Vader helment for the upcoming exhibtion as part of Star Wars Celebration IV. Cameron's also set to make his mark with production toys.  Look for his first original designer toys, Cameron's 13 Friends, coming shortly from MINDstyle.

More Vinyl Elements coverage coming right up (after we recharge our batteries).

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Cameron....YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Geeeezzz this is soooo impressive!!!!!!!


Pretty nice work Cameron.


man...this blows harder than the big bad wolf.

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