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Jun 30, 2007

Toy of the Week -- MINDstyle's Maniac by Skwak

Today we unveil a new feature -- the Toy of the Week sponsored by Scion.  Every week we will select a current toy for being particularly cool, noetworthy and in general deserving of the spotlight so to speak. 

MINDstyle's  The Maniac by Skwak stands out with its fully realized creepy yet cute design. In translating Skwak's frenetic hand-drawn art style, Maniac  has a presence that's hard to define but easy to spot once you see it. The sculpt makes strong use of the 3D nature of the medium, with a sculpted mouth and beenie propellor.  The original colorway of Maniac is limited to  500 pieces (300 for the USA) and is available from finer retailers around the globe.  As with all MINDstyle products, Maniac ships with a numbered collector's card.

About Skwak

French artist Skwak is perhaps best known for his signature art style which combines wild characters into densely packed pieces exploding with color and detail.  He recently created a television campaign for Wienerschnitzel and his fine art has been featured in numerous shows including the Archive show at Scion's gallery in Los Angeles.  Maniac is Skwak's first original art toy.

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Great... yet another sub-culture Scion is trying to exploit...

couldn't agree more with jimzo, hopefully these guys at vp are making a decent amount of loot for sellin out like this.

Pull the curtains.

Mindsyle has been killin it lately...

and VP fully sells out! Even the Scion name is bigger than the VP name on top of the screen! Really? Is this where our "news" will be coming from now?

oh thats right the people that run VP should do it for free - no compensation through ads at all. Just keep cranking out the posts day and night for your viewing pleasure! Where do you people get off? VP is by far the best sight going for vinyl art toys - by a long shot! The fact that they can get the advertisers they do is proof of it! Is it that hard to ignore the ads and move your eyeballs to the content? I can see it now "Coming soon from the local homeless shelter via a dial up conection -the new ad free Vinyl Pulse!" Grow up people! - you get paid for your job -they should get paid for theirs!

Don't hate, congratulate.

Keep up the good work guys.

As an artist, any support and exposure is so important. Much thanks to Scion for making the Toy of the Week with Vinyl Pulse.

Not to beat a dead horse, but those WEAK anti-establishment comments bothered me a lot. Props to Vinyl Pulse for doing such an amazing job that a big boy decided to jump on board. Respect to Scion for supporting the arts, remember, they could be giving their advertising $ to some lame sports star.

The presence of Scion only validates the growth and strength of vinyl toys as art. As a regular reader, I have a choice of where to log on, click and even from time to time buy should I decide to support a banner advertiser. This is the 20th century and advertisers are essential to any business. It's good that the many artists promoted and Vinyl Pulse get the support of advertsiers to keep things going. If we were talking about Consumer Reports, it would be a different story but that is not the case here!

Congratulations to Skwak and all future artists for Toy of the Week. It's about time the vinyl toys and artists gets its props from corporate America. So funny to see how anyone would find fault for what clearly is innovative on Scion's part in recognizing a smart way to reach its demograpchics. Skippy and Chris are correct in that Vinyl Pulse should be complimented for its efforts instead of attracting any sort of negativity. In this case, it only furher validates the success of VP. Keep up the good work in providing us all the latest news and photos.

I drive a scion and love my XB. I recommend one to anyone! Thanks Scion for sponsoring a toy each week! (though I'm not sure I like the giant Scion banner at the top of the page, I like the VP logo better!)

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