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Jul 28, 2007

Frank Cho - 24" Cow

Frank Cho made a BIG impression with the public unveiling of his upcoming 2-foot Cow vinyl from MINDstyle.  His  self-milking bovine character commands a strong presence at this extremely large scale.  More info on edition size and release window when we have it.  With the  24-inch Cow and the 16" Slappy by Brandt Peters, MINDstyle is actively expanding the market for BIG art toys.

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That's just horrendous. Who in their right mind would want that in their house?

That's awesome! I would get it but it may a little tooo big for my shelves.

Cho should just stick to comics. Stay away from vinyl dude.

heinous |ˈhānəs|
(of a person or wrongful act, esp. a crime) utterly odious or wicked : a battery of heinous crimes.

Nice. Am gonna have to get me one of these ASAP. If only we could get them in the UK. Looks liek a lot of surfing is gonna be needed for this bad boy

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