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Jul 31, 2007

Glenn Bar - The Janes

In addition to the upcoming Hell's Proprietor Vinyls, Dark Horse also took the lid off protos for The Janes toys by Glenn Bar at their SDCC both.  Riffing on everyone's favorite Saturday morning  family of the future, the line consists of four Muses collectively known as The Janes. The Janes are a manifestation of Glenn's concept  of "fate as a living thing" (from Dark Horse Press Release).  Each Muse has her own inspiration-specific saucer with an apparently removable dome: Ava - The Muse of Cocktail Hour, Tika - the Muse of Destruction, Mashika - The Muse of Funk, and Betty -  the Muse of Pathos.   These ambitious designs combine multiple production techniques including rotocast (the muses themselves?), and abs (ships and various attachments?) and are scheduled for  Spring 2008.  Hopefully the pictures convey the line's  sweet design and visual impact.

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I love them!
But I cringe thinking of how much they will probably cost.

These are fantastic! Would love to get my hands on one when they arrive!

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