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Jul 29, 2007

MINDstyle's Madonna and Peter the Fisherman by Viktor Schreckengost

MINDstyle showed a wide-range of upcoming art toys at their SDCC booth including two striking new art figures based on famed industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost's fine art sculptures.  The prototypes of MINDstyle's Madonna and Peter the Fisherman by Viktor Shreckengost push the boundaries of vinyl art.

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I probably wouldn't put these in the regular toy cabinet, but these are really nice. I wouldn't mind having them.

Can't we have at least one industry without Jesus freaks in this country?

YEAH! Cuz they'll just RUIN it for everybody making great looking art toys like that...

I really like the way these came out. MINDstyle is definitely becoming a huge name.

I agree, these look quite nice. Its great to see the boundaries of the "art toy" being pushed. I particularly dig the religious subject matter; its not something that makes me personally connect with these pieces, but I like that MINDstyle is brave enough to not consider it "off limits." I think there is room in the vinyl realm for these & stuff like a glow-in-the-dark smorkin' labbit.

This is a move so far away from a concept of a 'toy', even an art toy...to me, they lose the special appeal that the genre has

Holy crap. Viktor Schreckengost? That's awesome.

For those unfamiliar, Viktor is a 100 years old and has been doing toy design and plenty of other things for a very, very long time. He's relatively famous within the Industrial Design community. And when he was my teacher back in the early 90's (and he was still pretty old), he was still really sharp.

To see him kicking out something new at this point is simply amazing.

btw, does anyone know how involved Viktor was in the process of bringing his originals to this medium? I jumped the gun thinking he was actively involved. Now I'm just hoping he was.

Although I'm not religious... I think the Madonna piece looks pretty hot.. I'd buy it if the baby wasn't there... or maybe if they make the baby GID... then thas a diff. story.

That Madonna is simply gorgeous; even unpainted like that. I'm not sure I'd call it a toy, but it is art.

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