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Jul 01, 2007

Seen: Bloc28 Event @ Melt Gallery

Disney kicked off their new Bloc28 line @ Melt Gallery this past Thursday (6.28.07).  Bloc28 currently features designs from five artists - Slick, Mear, Steven Daily , David Flores, and Greg "Craola" Simkins.  Each created their own interpretation of Mickey presented as original paintings.  The paintings serve as the basis for the products -- which so far include Tees, New Era Hats and pillows.   The event also served as the debut of the first vinyl toy in the line -- the Bloc28 Mickey sculpted by Monster5. This one has a futuristic vibe and channels the old-school Shogun warriors with the inclusion of wheeled feet.  Not too much info on this one yet -- the all-black ones are limited to 50 pcs and were done just for the show installation which also feature a 2ft tall 'Jumbo' edition. The production Bloc28 Mickey is slated to drop sometime in August.  The Jumbo is apparently limited to 28 pieces and will be available at a later date. 

While the entertainment giant is no stranger to licensed products, the company has recently explored a more niche audience with limited-edition products with it's Volt 28 store and Disney Coture lines.  On the toy side, Disney has worked with Span of Sunset on several figures including Cheshire Cat, and Runaway Brain.  Bloc28 is a continuation of this approach -- focusing on the discriminating buyer looking for higher-end products.

Mickey was everywhere -- stencils on the ground, walls.  Inside, the upper facade of the gallery was transformed into a faux graff wall and a custom-built bus shelter was the target of taggers throughout the night.   Four of the five artists were on hand for the event and some of them got in on the tagging.  Good times for sure as is always the case with Meltdown parties.  We're curious to see if additional Bloc28 toys are in the works (we'd guess that's the case).  Want more? Go check out the official time-lapsed video coverage of  the event. The show continues through July 4th.

Meltdown Comics
7522 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Keep us posted on when the figure drops! I really like the look of it.

are the artist listed gonna do paint jobs for these?

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