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Jul 16, 2007

Toy of the Week - Touma's Grabbit

Touma's Grabbit produced by Play Imaginative is our selection for  Toy of the Week. The pictured  Wood edition (limited to 300 pieces) stands out with a very realistic faux wood finish.

In our opinion, Grabbit is the Japanese designer's finest recent work and stands nearly toe to toe  with the original Knuckle Bear, arguably his most respected and iconic figure to date.    The character mixes moods, exuding both whimsy and a streamlined fast-paced sense of cool.    The strong character design is complimented by the clever articulation and posability -- the large ears are key, they go from droopy to alert mirroring Grabbit's current mood.  Additionally, Grabbit works well both in  standing and crouching positions.   The  futuristic kicks further refine the character's sense of style.   Finally, the inclusion of several extras including a signed art print, certificate of authenticity, and edition specific packaging, round out this excellent offering.

First released at the Taipei Toy Festival in early July with an exclusive flocked black edition, Grabbit will soon be available world-wide in several editions including Pearlescent White, Wood, Blank (DIY), and an upcoming Whipping  edition (faux bronze).

About Touma

Japanese illustrator and designer Touma started his career as a character designer working for a large  video game designer.  However, he made his name and reputation in the arena of designer vinyl toys -- first with Knuckle Bear which was followed up by a menagerie of creatures including Boo, Snout, Skuttle, Talons, and many more.  His  deceptively simple style  which gives life and personality to  his numerous  characters is punctuated by  distinctively stylized elements such as clawed hands with promiment knuckles, feet, and the snarling teeth from his 'Knuckle' family. He has  recently  broadened his character design with  two figures for Wonderwall's popular Kaiju for Growups series.   Touma is clearly one of the most well-known Japanese designers of limited-edition vinyl figures.

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