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Jul 30, 2007

Toy of the Week - Thomas Han's Pushers

For our next toy of the week we select Thomas Han's Pushers from Munky King.  The Pushers, Thomas Han's first art toys, feature four  mystical influencers -- Spirit (GID pictured),  Pirate (GID Pictured), Animal and Monster.  Each of these winged creatures has a unique mask and "face" while sharing the same body.  The Pushers stand out for the excellent translation of Thomas's colors and fine line work.  The paint execution on the  Pushers is outstanding from the subtle gradients across the figures to the super-fine and clean pad printing.  Munky King offered  both  the standard (limited to 500 each)  and more limited GID editions (150 of each)  of the first two Pushers -- Pirate and Spirit --  at this year's SDCC. The standard editions will be available directly from Munky King and select retailers shortly.

About Thomas Han

LA artist Thomas Han's original art work is noted for the extremely clean rendering achieved through screening techniques and electric pastel palettes combining primarily pinks and blues.  These colorful constellations often play host to mystical devilish creatures and brightly-hued pills. His recent  work shown at Copro Nason Gallery marks a transition to a more organic look through the use of brush work rather than screening while retaining his familiar characters and color palette.

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ack i should have spent that extra $15 for a GID. i didnt know it was more limited. :[

oh well...
my non glowing pirate is just as beautiful

Toy of the Week?!? Honestly?!? Thats sad..... and not because I don't support this lousy artist, but because these pieces just suck. They looked amazing as protos, but the paint job they have now.... BLOOOOOWWWWWSS!!! There was much better stuff released and announced at the con last week...

whoa.. "drinkh2so4" what's with the personal jabs? i think this piece deserves toy of the week. i think what blows is you.. on your knees.

I thought I would end up buying this, but the quality on the display piece was horrible so I passed. I can only imagine what the rest of them looked like. The bad customer "service" at MK didn't help either. There were so many other toys that people were actually lining up for that I personally feel are much stronger.


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