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Jul 09, 2007

Toy of the Week: I.W.G. Burnum

Burnum, the duck-billed platypus warrior armed with a titanium boomerang, is our pick for Toy of the Week.  Created by Patrick Ma, the recently released Burnum is one of the newest additions (Series 4) to  the wildly popular Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line of toys from Rocketworld. So why a Platypus?  Here's what Patrick Ma had to say... "The platypus is already a wonderfully obtuse mammal…I mean this critter has poison heel spikes, a bill, fur, and lays eggs!  They definitely deserve a figure to be made around them…Burnum is here, humans beware…." This cute little vinyl animal warrior with just a touch of 'mean' is available at designer toy retailers worldwide.

About Patrick Ma

Patrick Ma (OtterX) spent several years in the US Military before braving the concrete jungles of art school.  He created the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo designer (I.W.G) toy line as a reaction and comment on humanity's poor treatment of animals and the natural environment.  If only animals could fight back...  The line now spans 5 series of mid-size figures and also includes several minis and a recently released rocket playset.  A portion of I.W.G. sales are donated to charities protecting earth's ecosystem including the  Gorilla Foundation, the International Rhino Foundation, Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, Friends of the Sea Otter, and the World Wildlife Fund.  Patrick currently lives in the Bay Area (California) where in addition to running Rocketworld, he is  also the chief executive officer of T.A.D. Gear, a producer of high quality adventure and field gear.

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YAY for Burnum! :-)

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