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Jul 18, 2007

Wheaty Wheat Studios @ VTN UUP

Wheaty Wheat Studios will unveil two new figure prototypes at their VTN UUP booth (July 27th - 28th).  The prototype of Illustrator Luke Feldman's  Mai figure will be shown for the first time.  Also Evil Ice Cream is making the jump from plush to vinyl.  The  prototype of the EIC toy created by Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer will be on display as well.   Wheaty Wheat will also show current prototypes of Buck Eye Rot by Sket One, Dolly by Med Fed (gray), Jack Rabbit full size (gray) by Brian Taylor and Ringo Bear (gray) by Joe Ledbetter.

In addition to the prototypes, Wheaty Wheat will offer special value promotional pricing during VTN for Brian Taylor's Jack Rabbit Key Chains, Chris Lee's regular edition Mellow and Cleabus, Andrew Bell's Zliks and numerous WWS artist tshirts. 

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WW is really good at making prototypes. If only they knew how to manufacture them. And what about Mad? Brandt Peters? Kathy Olivas? Are those toys never coming out? was that just hype?


"And what about Mad? Brandt Peters? Kathy Olivas?"

... looks like they all got tired of waiting and went to work with other companies. Both Brand and Kathie have toys releasing at the con with Mindstyle, but their WW stuff was shown how long ago?

Its a shame because WW had such potential, but the ship must be sinking if the artists are leaving.

Sorry it has taken us so long to get our products out. We sincerely try to concentrate on the quality of our pieces but unfortunately that takes a lot of time because it is a lot of back and forth with the factory communicating, etc so each project we work on takes longer than the average production time. We wish Kathie and Brandt the best with the projects they have with Mindstyle but it is not like they have totally left us. We are still earnestly working on their Violet and Ink Slinger projects but due to our small capacity we can only work on a couple of projects at a time. Those pieces are coming out but right now we are working on Ringo Bear and Sket's Buckeye Rot. Once those 2 projects are done it will be Violet and Ink Slinger. In terms of MAD, he has outgrown us and we wish him all the best. The MAD*Ls will now be in his full control and I believe DKE will be distributing them. So please don't say that our ship is sinking. It really isn't. Rich and I are the only two full time people working hard in our little shop and we can only do so much. Wish we had thousand of hundreds of dollars to work on all our great projects but we are pretty limited and we do the best we can. And not to mention we had a rough 2006 year with legal problems as well as needing to change factories in China 3 times cause they just couldn't get our quality down. I know I'm just listing a bunch of excuses but I wanted to try to shed some light on our situation. Wheaty Wheat truly does what we do because of our passion and love for it. Of course we want to make some money but overall our goal is to come out with the best art toys possible. Thanks for reading and hope to see you all in San Diego at the Urban Underground Project!

maybe you shoudlda concentrated on making toys
and not suing or threatening artists?

busTed, wish you knew the whole story. Ever consider that we were the victims? Ever consider all our scraped-together, hard earned savings and work being invested in one artist and he doesn't abide by the contract?

...huh. there is probably a reason why it's only 2 full-time people.

"And what about Mad? Brandt Peters? Kathy Olivas?"

...it's really is ashame, because the list of artists that have been turned off from Wheaty Wheat after dealing with them is much larger than 3 artists... Just look at all the "artist links" they have on their website and ask yourself how many of those people actually develop or associate with them anymore. the proof is evident in the results.

...and yes, it would be nice to see more actual product, and less showing-of-prototypes year after year........*sigh*

You all have your right to your opinions. But my point in all this is that we are not a sinking ship. We do the best we can with our limited resources. We have learned from the past years of being in this business and are now being very judicious about the artists we work with. You all hide behind your anonymity and your screen names, but Rich and I are exposing ourselves and putting our money where our mouth is. This also applies to a lot of other toy producers that are struggling to get good, quality products to the market. Producing and financing quality art toys is not an easy course. We stand by our process and if it's going to take years and years for a quality toy to come out then that's what is going to happen. We will always keep our visions and dreams alive. In my opinion, it's not about the numbers but the quality. We were NEVER about pumping out mass numbers and NEVER claimed to be. We're not aiming for the mass market. WE'RE ABOUT PRODUCING QUALITY ART TOYS NO MATTER HOW LONG IT'S GONG TO TAKE!

you said "judicious"

Debbie - Here's a suggestion, maybe you should not release any prototypes until you get your older projects finished?

On another note however I would rather see Wheaty toys come out slowly than no to have them come out at all. Keep it rolling guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rich is a really awesome sculptor and you guys do some nice quality stuff.

just get stuff out there! production not Prototypes

It funny how previously when Wheaty Wheat dama issues popped up, the artists were there backing/ defending them. If things are still on the up and up, then where are they now?

I only hope it all gets worked out cause it will be a sad day in the industry when WW goes the ways of critterbox.

Critterbox were actually an amazing company
comparing the two is like comparing Truffles and turds.

"In terms of MAD, he has outgrown us and we wish him all the best."

...kinda swept that under the rug. When did this happen? I thought we were gonna get mini madls! Not only did he "outgrow you" but it looks like (from his website) he completely erased you... Wasn't he one of the biggest defenders of wheaty wheat? Hopefully he can take over and pump out some more madls for us.

Its just hard to buy the "victim" position you guys are playing, when countless other companies are producing top quality toys with some of the same artists.

Critterbox never came off as confrontational, or antagonistic towards their artists. There are serious personality issues here, and it sucks because what was once cool, and the up and comer, now seems to have spun out and has the rep of not being artist friendly. The silence of who were once on WW's roster sends a message, and its deafening.
Drama is created by those who enjoy the theater.

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