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Aug 13, 2007

Camile Rose Garcia - PITCO Plush

After her first vinyl toys were released by NTF, Camile Rose Garcia vowed not to make any more vinyl out of concern for the environment.  So vinyl is out and plush is in.  At SDCC, she showed two new plush toys from PITCO (Prosthetic Industries Toy Company) with the tag line  "So much fun, it hurts".  There are apparently at least two more designs (trees) in the works.  Release date: "soon". 

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Thanks for making my day, Jack! And Camille :)

Brilliant! been waiting forever for these. Any word on how much or where/when available??

that squid <3

When? Soon! :)

No vinyl! Fabric and various stuffings - YES!

100% ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE? YES! We think this is 100% possible today!

Hand-Made? Yes!

Where? California of course. Duh! (In a very, very hot place where the carnies are getting restless)

Fun? Yes!

Art? Yes!

When? Seriously...We should see some "hit" in the next 60 days!

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