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Aug 02, 2007

Plasticgod - Axis of Evil

Plasticgod's Axis of Evil from  Super Rad Toys  delivers the LA artist's signature artistic style and political commentary in a set of five vinyl figures.  Inspired  "by a time when the world's attention was hostage to the decisions of five men", Plasticgod created  satirical likenesses of  George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il,  Osama Bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein and Tony Blair. His stinging interpretation of the infamous 'Axis of Evil' comes to life as a set of five vinyl figures. 

Each mini-world leader stands five inches tall and has seven points of articulation (head, arms, hands, and legs). Kim Jung-il also comes with his patent tinted glasses and has sculpted "boots".  Sold as a 5-figure set, the Axis of Evil comes packaged in a flip-open window box and will retail for $120.  Click through to the full post for individual shots of each member of the Axis of Evil.  Be sure to come back Monday when Vinyl Pulse will have the 411 on a special limited-edition Axis of Evil set. 

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This is great! It went from drawing characters in Lego style, right back to making the Lego style toy that they were originally based on! There are other paintings of Plastic Fuckers that I would rather have, but I'll try to pick these up for sure!

'Stinging'? 'Satirical'? Have those words lost their meaning? The likenesses, while shrunk to the format used, seem 'tame' and 'complimentary'.

In the height category, Kim really benefits in this example.

the beatles kubrick series should've been plasticgod!

what a flying load of shit. only a complete jackass would turn the image of something as seriously fucked as this group of scumbags into a $120 toy. the only thing more pathetic than this artist/toy would be the fucking morons that buy this crap. BTW the renditions are horrible.


I'm as big a Plasticgod fan as the next guy, but I have to call bullshit on this catchy style-over-substance ploy.

Blair has nothing to do with the Axis of Evil, and neither does Bin Laden. AofE is Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, which don't have anything to do with each other, except that Bush turned them into a deceptive rhetorical device, which this set blindly perpetuates.

Throw in a Cheney doll, and get rid of Kim Jong-Il and you could have a bogus Iraq War set, which, of course Bin Laden is only connected to by propaganda, but at least that's something.

It's too crafty for the vinyl crowd, I'm sure, but Moss sells a set of crocheted Terrorism [sic] Finger Puppets that's just as politically naive as these.

Cute, though.

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