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Aug 02, 2007

RIP - Wesley Groenewoud (LIV3R), 1977 - 2007

It's with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Wesley Groenewoud, better known to the art toy community as LIV3R.  Wesley passed away on July 27th, 2007. A talented artist and designer from the Netherlands, LIV3R earned a reputation as a toy customizer through his strong use of sculpey in his work.  LIV3R was passionate about toys and worked to promote the art form in part through his Munny Gallery which was published on Vinyl Pulse.  The Munny Gallery was his concept and creation and we were honored to host it.  We thought it appropriate to remember him through his art  which brightened the lives of many fans and collectors.

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One of the best customizers,Who will truely be missed

A great guy and an awesome custom vinyl designer. We will all miss Wesley, he is with god painting it up.


Rest in peace bro. Def. one of the best!

you will be missed liv3r

i cant believe youre gone. we'll miss you liv3r

I cant believe this. Whoa -Very sad.
~liv3r rip

R.i.p. Liv3r

I'm very sad that you had to leave so young my man, I am eternally grateful that I had the honor of knowin you brotha.

I wish we coulda done those collaborations we used to bullshit about on the late night tip. I'm sure you're out there building new shit in the spirit world homie.

I pray you had a safe journey to the other side my friend.

To all my relations,
Jesse Hernandez

This is shocking and truley sad to hear, Liv3r put the word out and supported other artists in ways he didn't even know, he got many of us involved with projects that could of easily passed us by such as Dot Dot Dash. Thanks for everything You've done.

I would hope VinylPulse would continue a gallery of custom toys dedicated to his name even though he has moved on to bigger and better things.


-J.RIMEL (Miscreation)

I was lost for words for a while there but I have to say something.

Well this is news you dont want to see on vinylpulse, an extremely talented artist, one whose talents have influenced many. This is truly one of the saddest days in vinyl history. If theres a heaven, can ya get God to let you customise the earth it needs a make over.

RIP Liv3r (customiser supreme)

mimic :(

An awesome artist & a superb friend.
You'll truely be missed by all of us.

Rest In Peace my brother.


a true talent who will be greatly missed :(

I think I speak for all of us artists when I say "losing another artist is losing another family member" rest in peace and know that you tagged this earth along with all of us artists and the peices are out there to show it , therefore you will live forever!!!! Much love from the east coast!!

I'm just so shocked to read this news this morning on VP. Just can't believe what happened to Liv3r.

I knew he was sick and haven't news from him for a while....but really didn't expect what happened to him...... I'm just very sad......Just can't believe that life can be so unpredictable.

I just saw yesterday your name feature on one of those flyers for an upcoming show in Netherland and today I learn this sad news.....It's just so hard to believe.

Liv3r, I still remember these days when I start customizing toys and saw what you we're able to do and I was amazed by your skills....

Still remember all those PM that we used to send to each other.....I remember that we you wanted to make some collaboration projects with us but it never happened....Remember that you told me to check my mail and one of these days I'll get a toy already started by you and we have to complete it....I will always thinking of you each time I'll receive a delivery of toys at my house bro.......

Liv3r....thanks for all the inspiration that you give to all of us toy customizers in the world.

Hope that you have a good journey over there...

I'm very honored to get the chance to know you bro.....Will always remember what you did for the customizing world bro.....

R.I.P Liv3r.......

Dr.Bao....NVC crew......a very sad day in the customizing world......

I almost cried when I read this today. LIV3R was one of my heros and he will be truely missed. RIP bro. You will always be remembered.

A vary sad day indeed. R.I.P.

so sad to hear this. liv3r, you will be very much missed. :(

Such nice words here.. Liv3r, it was an honor to meet you.. I hope your now in a place with an unlimited supply of customizing goodies.. R.I.P.

You will be missed man!

An awesome talent and a thoroughly decent individual this is truly tragic, RIP Bro.
To friends & family i send my sincerest sympathies.

wow, this is tragic. certinaly an inspiration to many. his involvement within the scene will def. be missed.

i can't believe this happened to such a talented artist, writer, customizer...we were working on a colab for an upcoming dunny custom...maybe i'll finish it off one day...RIP LIV3R you will be missed in the vinyl community.


I just can't accept that LIV3R's gone. He was very talented, mad funny, etc. Even when we weren't talking much anymore, I knew who really made everything happen before. LIV3R man, I just hope you're in a better place now. I remember those times we used to talk all the time on MSN Messenger. Good times. Thanks for everything dude.


You will be missed. Thanks for the customs and the dope gallery. See ya in the next life.

We were saddened to hear of the passing of LIV3R. He was, without a doubt, one of the most talented customizers in the business. His work was an inspiration to many artists and raised the bar for custom art everywhere.

LIV3R ... You will be truly missed and always remembered as one of the best. Rest in Peace.

- Bovinyl

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