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Aug 13, 2007

Toy of the Week - Winson Ma's Adam Ape

Adam Ape created by  HK  superstar artist Winson Ma  and produced by Play Imaginative is our selection for Toy of the Week.  For Adam Ape, Winson has transformed his signature ape character featured in his 1:6 scale Apexplorer series into a softer more rounded character ideal for vinyl.    Adam is a visual contradiction, an Ape wearing an explorer suit complete with an airbrush and a removable mini-ape accessory.  The head sculpt is very nice with exaggerated facial features.  The flexible airbrush hose and the electrical  cord add depth to the design and offer a welcome change in texture from the rotocast vinyl body.   Adam Ape's cleverly engineered removable head sets this figure apart both technically and  creatively.  The removable head conceals a wicked glow-in-the-dark skull head (articulated). The juxtaposition of cute and hard-edged "faces" works quite well.

Adam Ape's primary draw is Winson's artistic vision, now available in vinyl.   Each figures comes in a swanky trapezoidal box and ships with a numbered print.  Adam Ape will be available shortly from specialty retailers in both the standard red colorway shown above (450 pcs) and a black/red Previews exclusive. 

About Winson Ma

Hong Kong Artist Winson Ma
put his stamp on the designer toy scene along with his partners Kenny Wong and William Tsang, as a member of the highly respected Brothersfree group. The three artists produced some of the most detailed and highly sought after 1:6 scale figures ever released.  Brothersfree elevated the standard for 1:6 scale detail especially with respect to intricate and functional accessories.  Winson is an extremely gifted artist.  From illustration to sculpture, he seemingly can do it all.

Building on the sucess of Brothersfree, Winson has recently created several solo projects for his new company, Winson Classic Creation, including two new 1:6 scale series Apexplorers and Fire Spectre.  He has recently ventured into designer vinyl with Adam Ape, the first of several planned vinyl figures from Play Imaginative.

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One of the great 12" makers around. Awesome artist.

how much is it gonna cost?
when is the release date?
i'm salivating already!!!

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