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Aug 20, 2007

Toy of the Week - T9G x Devilrobots Evirob 2007 (T9Rob)

We're stoked to select the recently released  Evirob 2007 (T9Rob) VCD figure (#98) from Medicom as our Toy of the Week. This collabo figure is Japanese sculptor/artist T9G's  take on the Devilrobots' Evirob figure.  While Evirob has always been a little mysterious, out-of-the-box, or  even 'weird' -- this new incarnation turns up the darkness with a very organic design.  Rather than the smooth  and reassuring curves of the original, T9G  sculpted this one in a rough style which gives the appearance of a hand-made clay figure. To add to the creepiness quotient, he opted to place his trademark round 'doll' eyes behind the Evirob mask.  The wild creature body completes the transformation.  So if you're looking for a fresh take on a popular character, check it out.  Released in Japan, Evirob 2007 is available  from several retailers including Rotofugi (USA) and One-Up (Japan).  Keep your eyes out as more stateside retailers will soon be stocking this one.

About T9G

Japanese artist & sculptor T9G is best known for turning  the illustrations and sketches of  Japan's premiere artists including Devilrobots, Touma, and others into fully-realized forms with his masterful sculpting.  His work lines the shelves of many a collector.

Recently, T9G is being recognized for his own artistic creations as well as his sculpting talent.  On this path, he designed one of the secret figures for the [email protected] 14 series from Medicom Toy.  He also  has created several original vinyl figures  including Berry-Kun, Loveless, Rangeas. Each of his original designs carry his signature element -- round doll eyes.  Starting with his concept of  "Ugly but cute, scary, and mysterious", T9G's designs stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Look for more original T9G figures from Medicom Toy in the near future.

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OMG! This is sooooooooo cute!!!

See, now that right there is a piece of art. Finally.

sket rules !!

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